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Smart Farm to be featured at Techagro

February 29, 2024  /  3:21 PM

The traditional Techagro trade fair will feature the new Smart Farm project for the first time this year. It will bring together interesting farmers and institutions that have multiple years of experience in putting precision farming into practice. They will share their practical experience in discussions on individual topics or be available at the posts. The aim is that farmers who visit the Smart Farm will take away specific and practical information that will move them forward in efficiency and sustainability.

Techagro as the ideal platform for exchange across agriculture

"The traditional exhibition industry has undergone huge changes in the last decade. Times and consumer behaviour are changing, and trade shows must adapt to the new ways. This is no different at Techagro. And that's why we came up with the Smart Farm project – because we believe that the Techagro brand is the ideal platform for sharing the biggest practical innovations and attractions from across the agricultural sector. Given the pressure that is being put on farmers in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and also legislation, we are convinced that this project can help farmers share practical experience and support the exchange of information between the agricultural community and the Ministry so that legislation meets the reality of Czech fields more closely," says Petr Maliňák, Director of Techagro.

Interesting guests and topics

As part of Techagro, there will be a designated ‘town square‘ for the Smart Farm in the annex of Hall F, where one or two expert blocks covering precision farming topics will take place each day on the Smart Stage. There will be a number of interesting guests from the business, such as Jindřich Šmöger (SIUZ), Ing. Jakub Elbl Ph.D. (JTZE), Ondřej Hnilička, DiS. (EUROFARMS AGRO-B s.r.o. - JTZE), Ing. Josef Čejka (ZD Dolní Újezd a.s.), Ing. Marcel Herout, Ph.D. (Zemědělské obchodní družstvo Olešník, ADVENTA s.r.o.), and others, who will be complemented by representatives of the academic community such as doc. Ing. Vojtěch Lukas, Ph.D. (MENDELU), doc. Ing. Milan Kroulík, Ph.D. (Centre for Precision Agriculture – ČZU) and others.

The participation of representatives of the Soil Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, who worked on the anti-erosion decree, has also been promised, and additional officials of the Ministry will probably attend.

We will concentrate everything interesting concerning the topic of precision agriculture around the Smart Farm stage. Some of the posts will be used directly by speakers from the individual thematic blocks, so you will be able to ask them personally about their experiences – for example, members of the JTZE or SIUZ groups. So come and see the Smart Farm at Techagro!