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360 degree lighting has arrived at farm fields – robust and durable LED lamps from WESEM

February 15, 2024  /  7:07 AM

Work in farm fields in the evening or at night is no longer a great challenge if you have adequate lighting. Many farmers choose to invest in additional professional LED lamps or replacement of halogen lamps with LED lamps, which is not a large expense in comparison with the cost of a vehicle as a whole and greatly facilitates working, making it possible to carry out farm work throughout, as it were, an extended day. Appropriate selection of lamps for tractors and agricultural machinery will ensure work comfort and safety. Customers often choose products manufactured by a Polish manufacturer of high quality lamps for the agricultural sector - the company WESEM.

Nowadays, practically speaking, work on the field can be carried out at any time of the day. If during the day the weather is sweltering or a given activity cannot be performed, e.g. crop spraying, such work is done in the evening or even at night. The current season of the year is a perfect moment to spend your time equipping your vehicles with professional work lamps and preparing your equipment for current work on the farm, as well as for the next season.

Much has been written about the superiority of LED lamps over halogen lamps; lighting commonly referred to as 360 degrees, installed on vehicles, has become a common sight on the fields.
WESEM has been present on the Czech market for many years. The manufacturer caters for users who expect good quality products at reasonable prices as well as users who respect their time and money and want their lighting to be trouble-free.

Given the difficult conditions in which tractors and farming machines operate, selection of lighting needs to take into account such product features that guarantee lamp reliability. If you purchase a WESEM lamp, you can rest assured that your lamp will operate for years to come. WESEM products have the following characteristics:

  • high resistance to vibrations: 15,3G, 24-2000Hz – for example WESEM lamps are successfully used on vibration rollers,  
  • high ingress protection rating: IP67, IP69K – WESEM products are dustproof and withstand submersion in water for short duration and cleaning with a pressure washer,
  • high corrosion resistance: ISO 9229, minimum 500 h,
  • high electromagnetic compatibility class: minimum EMC CISP25 class 3, and the highest class 5 for many of the lamps - no interference to radio reception,
  • quality of light – uniform lighting in the work area contribute to comfort of work, no eye strain is experienced,
  • a well-designed cooling system – even in warm environments lamp power is not decreased by the overheating protection system and the user can enjoy complete performance they paid for,
  • wide selection of lamp versions (mounting systems, connectors), lamps are easy to tailor to user requirements,
  • full product warranty – as befits a European manufacturer.

The most popular products in WESEM's range for the agricultural sector include LED work lamps LED CRV1, LED-FF, CRV2, CRK2, CRC5.

You will find the above products as well as many others at WESEM's stand at the TechAgro trade show.