Concurrently with

Concurrently with

TECHAGRO is an all–inclusive showcase of agricultural equipment this year

January 26, 2024  /  8:29 AM

Agricultural and forestry fairs will take place in Brno from 7 to 11 April 2024. A key part of the expo is the TECHAGRO fair, which is a major showcase of agricultural machinery and technologies for plant production.

Visitors will encounter everything related to plant production in the exhibition area, with exhibitors registered in all the main sectors of the expo. Tractors and other agricultural machinery will be displayed by companies such as Agrotechnika Vaněk, Solis, Agrotrans, WTC Písečná, Emmarol and others. Small agricultural machinery is also significantly represented – for example Seco, Agzat, Dakr, Vari, Šálek, Dvořák – slope mowers, sprayers – for example AGRIO MZS. A part of the exhibition area will traditionally belong to municipal equipment – Laski, Tomi Truck and others, or equipment for winemakers – for example Oslavan Agro, Synpro. The transport and handling equipment sector will also be occupied – Unimog, Agrafa, Agrovo, Cernin and others. In April, the Brno Exhibition Centre will also host technologies for post–harvest processing, such as Navzas, FARMIX, Alvan Blanch Czech, AGROING BRNO, ROmiLL AGRICULTURE or SIAGRA. Additional exhibitors include Köckerling with soil cultivation machines, Lemken with seed drills, CRS Marketing with transport and agricultural machinery and P&L with agricultural and forestry equipment.

Austro Diesel will display innovated Massey Ferguson products at its stand. Upgraded tractors, mowers and harvesters will be available for viewing. The brand has prepared a new range of MF 9S tractors for the 2024 season, a total of six models with power ranging from 285 to 425 hp. Visitors will also see Kubota, Claas, Antonio Carraro and Zetor tractors.

Smart Farm to allow the sharing of experiences of progressive farmers

This year's edition of TECHAGRO also features a new Smart Farm project, which will highlight the latest trends in precision farming. This project will offer the sharing of good practice of farmers who have experience in innovative, efficient and sustainable farming. This project also includes exhibitors bringing exhibits and news in precision farming, such as Leading Farmers.

As part of the extra programme, the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic will hold its general meeting at the exhibition centre, and an expert conference, focusing on climate change and agriculture, will be held. The TECHAGRO fair will also feature a beekeeping exhibition and a demonstration of farm animals.

The SILVA REGINA International Forestry and Hunting Fair and the BIOMASA fair, which focuses on the energy use of forest and agricultural biomass, will take place concurrently with TECHAGRO. In the hunting part of SILVA REGINA, visitors can enjoy, among other things, trophy exhibitions and a stage programme.