Veletrhy Brno, a. s.

Výstaviště 405/1, 603 00 Brno, The Czech Republic
telephone: +420 541 151 111
VATIN: CZ25582518 
CIN: 25582518

How to get to the Brno Exhibition Centre


When driving around the city of Brno, follow the signs "BVV" or "Výstaviště BVV". Parking areas vary according to events, there is always a parking house Expoparking opposite the fourth gate.


The main entrance can be reached by tram line number 1, the stop is called Výstaviště - hlavní vstup.

Bus or trolleybus

Trolleybus lines 25, 26, 37 and bus line 52 (stop Výstaviště - hlavní vstup) and bus lines 44 and 84 (stop Křížkovského) stop near the main gate.

Train or long-distance bus

Direct public transport lines run from the main railway station or the Zvonařka bus station to the exhibition centre.

Map of the Exhibition Centre

Mapa BVV
Mapa BVV
Mapa BVV

GPS coordinates

Main gate49°11'18.08"N; 16°35'8.26"E
G2 gate49°11'25.95"N; 16°34'46.54"E
Gate 449°11'4.89"N; 16°34'55.61"E
Gate 5 (temporarily closed)

49°11'5.57"N; 16°34'33.89"E

Gate 7 (temporarily closed)49°11'14.19"N; 16°34'19.45"E
Gate 8 (temporarily closed)49°11'19.12"N; 16°34'16.97"E
Gate 9 (temporarily closed)49°11'21.05"N; 16°34'10.86"E