Trade Fair Radio

Trade Fair Radio online broadcast

The online broadcast of the Trade Fair Radio is currently down.

While in the past the broadcasting at the Brno Exhibition Centre was rightly called "on-site radio”, it has now become a full-fledged radio station.
The broadcasting has a fixed news and music format and professional live moderators from Brno radio stations.

The advertising spots broadcast on site are therefore as professional as those on the radio stations on the air but the focus on specialised target groups and "impossibility to turn it off" make them an unbeatable supporting means of communication between the exhibitors and visitors.

  • 30s spot broadcasting
  • Spot production with a read text
  • Spot production with music background

Special Offers

The making of a short piece of information about the exhibitor and the location of his exhibit at the trade fair in a duration up to 10s + broadcasting every hour a day.

We offer Trade Fair Radio timekeeping sponsorship:
The broadcasting takes place every day on the hour. („Exact time and a nice day from the exhibition centre wished by ...")

We offer Trade Fair Radio weather sponsorship:
Broadcast 5 times a day. („The current weather news is brought to you by...")

We offer live presenting at the exhibitors‘ stands:
Presenting right at the exhibit during the supporting programme (competitions, entertainment programme, lottery, autograph signing, press conferences). This is provided by professional moderators working in media who you also know from the Trade Fair Radio broadcasting.


STYL and KABO | 08/19 – 08/21/2023

Narrated by Zbyněk Loucký

Facts & Figures

61. B2B Fashion Fair STYL
61. B2B Footwear and Leatherware Fair KABO

Introduction of exhibitors

V + J OBUV, s.r.o.

We Recommended

VIDA! science centrum Brno

STYL | KABO (17 – 19/02/2023)

21. February 2023 | 3 m 19 s

These brands are introduced:

  • STYL SHOW I – City zen | Veba | Cirkulo | Ateliér Donát | Marco Moralli | Optik Krouman
  • STYL SHOW II – H&D | Uomo&Donna | Helena Bedrnová | Veba | Werso | Iberis - Handed by

Moderated by: Zbyněk Loucký

60th B2B Fashion Fair STYL
60th B2B Footwear and Leatherware Fair KABO

SALIMATECH | EmbaxPrint (07 – 09/02/2023)

7. February 2023 | 9 m 18 s

Presentation of exhibitors:
Markem-Imaje Packaging Live | JAROSPOL Technology s.r.o. | Debic | RETIGO s.r.o.

Moderated by: Zbyněk Loucký