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Prizes awarded by specialist editorial boards

April 8, 2024  /  3:13 PM

As part of the Brno Agricultural and Forestry Fairs, editors of specialist periodicals from the Profi Press s.r.o. publishing house traditionally hand out prizes to selected exhibits. This year they were given to a Massey Ferguson tractor, an autonomous field robot, an electric chipper, a sludge water applicator and a new Czech variety of oilseed flax.

The Zemědělec (Farmer) weekly award was handed at the opening ceremony to representatives of Austrian exhibitor Austro Diesel GmbH, as the editorial board saw as the best exhibit the Massey Ferguson MF 9S.425 tractor from French manufacturer AGCO SAS a. It is a 425 hp tractor from the new MF 9S tractor range, equipped with the new Datronic5 and MF Auto system for the control of the engine, the DynaVT stepless transmission and the hydraulic system. The Protec-U tractor cab offers high comfort for the operator including low noise levels, excellent visibility and easy ergonomic controls. The tractor has also won one of the GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO 2024 awards.

The editorial board of the Mechanizace zemědělství (Mechanisation of Agriculture) magazine selected for the award an autonomous field robot with crawler chassis AgXeed AgBot 5.115T2 from the Dutch manufacturer AgXeed BV, which is being exhibited at TECHAGRO by Leading Farmers CZ, a. s. Its tractor design with a diesel-electric drive with 115 kW of power allows to carry out common field work and aggregate common agricultural tools. The machine, proven in Czech agricultural practice, has perfect security for autonomous operation and can start the era of robotization of agriculture. The exhibit also won an award in the new Smart Farming category of the GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO competition.

The Farmář (Farmer) magazine prize went to AGRIO MZS s. r. o. its AFA two-axle trailer-mounted sludge water applicator. The Czech-made applicator has a 15,000 l main tank, application arms up to 24 m and a Vogelsang pump.

The result of the work of Czech crop breeders was also appraised. The magazine Úroda (Harvest) awarded its prize to Agritec Plant Research s.r.o. from Šumperk for its Astella oilseed flax. It is the first Czech variety of oilseed flax with white, star-shaped flowers and the first variety of Czech provenance with a classic fatty acid composition, with a high to very high alpha linolenic acid content (57.3% on a three-year average) and a high oil content, which meets the requirements of Czech growers and producers.

The editors of Energie 21, a magazine dedicated to renewable energy sources, have decided to award the LS 160 A electric chipper from LASKI, s.r.o. It is the first all-electric chipper to incorporate intelligent control of all components over the CANBUS bus, allowing optimised chipping and efficient use of battery energy. The exhibit also won the GRAND PRIX BIOMASA 2024 award.