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The international textile exhibition Brno Patchwork Meeting is the largest show of combined textile techniques not only in our country, but also in Central and Eastern Europe. Until 2019, it took place in Prague and after a long pause, it continues from 2022 at the Brno Exhibition Center. Leading authors of the artistic wall quilt regularly take part in the exhibition. Thanks to the high number of exhibits and attendance of 5,000 people, the exhibition ranks 4th in Europe, and its level is rising year by year.

On an area of 6,000 sq m , more than 900 collections of mostly wall quilts (modern tapestries) from 400 authors from all over the world and a selection of original works from the Czech Republic are regularly presented. One third of the area is occupied by specialized stores, which offer a wide selection of fabrics, aids, textile accessories, sewing machines, lighting, beads, decorations and colors for textiles, a range of knitting yarns and designer clothes.

Demonstrations of various techniques and mini-courses for beginners take place on many stands. The workshops are led by renowned domestic and foreign textile authors.

The artistic director of the exhibition is still Mrs. Jana Štěrbová, whose creation of modern wall quilts is known not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. In addition to teaching and curatorial activities, he also participates in publishing the PPM Brno online Magazine. She is a member of BPK, SAQA, Patchwork Gilde Deutschland.

Full Name:

16. International Textile Exhibition


19.–21. 4. 2024


Brno Exhibition Centre


BVV Trade Fairs Brno

Catalogue of Exhibitors:

Open i-Catalogue of exhibitors and their products

Product Categories

  1. Fabrics                                                                                        
  2. Patchwork Fabric Sets                                                                          
  3. Interlining                                                                                    
  4. Sewing Threads                                                                                 
  5. Beads, Components and Utilities for Jewellery Production                                       
  6. Knitting and Embroidery Yarns                                                                  
  7. Haberdashery, Sewing Aids                                                                      
  8.  Sewing Tools (cutting underlays, patterns, rotary cutter, knitting needles)                   
  9. Sewing and Embroidery Machines and Equipment                                                   
  10. Ironing Machines and Equipment                                                                 
  11. Patchwork Literature                                                                           
  12. Fabric Sets with Pre-printed Patterns                                                          
  13. Finished Products (patchwork, clothing, bijouterie, etc.)                                      
  14. Materials, Semi-finished Products and Tools for Creating with Paper, Reed, Rafia, Plywood, etc.
  15. Embroidery Patterns and Kits                                                                   
  16. Associations, institutions

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