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BIOMASA fair – environmentally friendly energy generation as a business opportunity

August 16, 2023  /  2:16 PM

The largest Central European trade fairs for agriculture and forestry will take place in Brno from 7 to 11 April 2024. It will also include the BIOMASA fair, which will present technologies for energy use of forest and agricultural biomass.

Combining logically related industries

Brno's TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASA agricultural and forestry fairs are unique in that they combine the topics of soil and forest care with the use of biomass. Visitors to the Brno Exhibition Centre will thus get a comprehensive picture. In one place, they will find a range of state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies for crop production, forest protection through business use and energy production from biomass. Led by Central Europe's largest agricultural technology exhibition, TECHAGRO, such a strong line-up was last seen in 2018, when it welcomed 112 thousand visitors from all over the world.

The main topics of the next edition, which will take place in April 2024, include the development of machinery and technologies in forestry and renewable energy in forestry and agriculture. All these areas are linked by the theme of digitalisation and sustainable management. This includes the more consistent and efficient use of local and renewable energy sources, which is becoming increasingly important in the context of both global climate change and the energy crisis.

Sustainable agriculture and forestry also include the use of biomass

The BIOMASA Fair of Renewable Energy Sources in Agriculture and Forestry has become a major platform for the presentation of technologies for the energy use of forest and agricultural biomass. It is intricately linked to the SILVA REGINA International Forestry and Hunting Fair, one of Europe's leading sectoral trade shows. The use of biomass is part of a targeted approach to nature conservation and a logical extension of the daily activities of farmers and foresters, for whom it opens new opportunities for the expansion of their farming activities. BIOMASA also helps promote and advocate sustainable energy technologies based on the use of wood and agricultural products.

The main pillar of BIOMASA is the use of wood mass energy. Additional topics include agricultural biogas conversion, biogenic fuels and material, nutrient and energy cycles. Visitors will get an overview of the best ways to process and use firewood, wood chips or pellets, composting and biogas plant equipment. The fair's extra programme focuses on wood energy use and composting, and includes demonstrations of forest biomass processing. BIOMASA is co-organised by the company DŘEVO-PRODUKT SV, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Mendel University in Brno, and the Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering.

Looking back at the past events

The TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASA agricultural and forestry fairs were held in Brno for the last time in 2018. There were 750 exhibitors from thirty-seven countries presenting a range of 1,174 brands. The exhibition area amounted to eighty-eight thousand sqm, which meant that the entire Brno Exhibition Centre was sold out – covered halls as well as open-air areas. At BIOMASA 2018, 48 exhibitors from six countries presented themselves on an exhibition area of 3,347 sqm.

112,646 visitors from thirty-nine countries visited the fairs in 2018, with the largest number of international visitors coming from Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Germany. The survey confirmed their prominent level of competence: 51% of visitors were business owners, executives and buyers, while 38% of visitors came to buy or order a product, or to establish business relations.

In 2022, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASA were held without the TECHAGRO agricultural fair and were attended by 25,635 visitors from thirteen countries.

Exhibitors can apply for participation at best prices until 30 September 2023 only.