Energy Day at URBIS The Smart Cities Meetup 2024

April 23, 2024  /  8:01 AM

The second day of URBIS The Smart Cities Meetup will bring inspiration from regional and European cooperation, and look  into climate and energy innovation. With the participation of innovation centres and agencies, ministries, city representatives, business and experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Finland and Norway, five programme sessions will be held. In the block REGIONAL AND EUROPEAN COOPERATION AS AN IMPETUS FOR TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT, the participants and project coordinators will present the possibilities of involvement in activities at regional and European level.

The programme focusing on energy will take place from 11:00 a.m.

Under the title COMMON GOAL: CLIMATE NEUTRALITY, partners across Europe will introduce us to the NetZeroCities platform, the New European Bauhaus concept and other initiatives within the EU mission of climate neutral and smart cities. Participation and its importance from different perspectives, including specific examples from practice, will be presented in the third block, IT SIMPLY WON’T GO WITHOUT PARTICIPATION.

The topic HALFWAY BETWEEN COMMUNITY ENERGY AND COMMUNAL ENERGY will bring experiences from several years of practice of energy communities in Bavarian neighbours and will present the first Czech pilot projects of community energy.

The last session, ENERGY MANAGEMENT AS A SYSTEM SOLUTION, will offer an insight into the issue from basic steps to savings in local government to systemic thinking about synergies created by combining the forces of different stakeholders.

Exhibitors from the energy sector

Exhibitors from the energy sector are coming to URBIS 2024 with solutions for energy efficiency and its monitoring, alternative energy sources and innovative consumption metering systems.

Photovoltaic power plants and control electronics for energy efficiency will be presented by FT4U company s.r.o. , biomass energy utilization will be presented by BIOM research project s.r.o. Energy from wastewater treatment plants, water recycling and water and air treatment and purification will be presented by another company, ASIO NEW.  

You will see how it is with energy recovery and waste collection at the stand of the company SAKO BRNO. Teplárny Brno, a.s. will introduce you to its complete portfolio of green energy offerings in terms of heat supply, charging stations for electric vehicles and photovoltaics as part of the Energy for Brno project.  

The company ELMIK deals with energy saving and remote reading modules for electricity meters, gas meters and water meters for Smart City, and s.r.o. will also offer an innovative system for online measurement and monitoring of electricity consumption. Software for energy management from monitoring, through control to optimization can also be found at FLOWBOX s.r.o. Another company that provides intelligent monitoring systems, digital modelling and simulation is VDT Technology a.s. It supplies them not only for the energy sector, but also for transport, security and industry.