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11.-14.4. 2021

International Fair of Agricultural Machinery

BVV Trade Fairs Brno Event at Brno Exhibition Centre No. 1. in Central and Eastern Europe Trade Fair

Facts & Figures:

TECHAGRO is one of the three largest agricultural fairs in Europe. In 2021, this fair will take place in parallel with other fairs focused on agriculture and forestry - ANIMAL TECH, the National Livestock Exhibition, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS.

Each year of the TECHAGRO trade fair is a presentation of trends in agriculture - digital technologies, precision agriculture, smart agriculture or the use of navigation systems.



  • Tractors
  • Small agricultural machines
  • Machines for land/soil cultivation and treatment
  • Seeding machines
  • Planting machines
  • Machines for fertilization
  • Machines and equipment for plant protection
  • Irrigation systems
  • Forage harvesters
  • Machines and equipment for cereals, oil plants and legumes harvesting
  • Root-crops harvesters
  • Machines and equipment for special crops growing and harvesting
  • Fruit and vegetable growing machines and equipment
  • Machines and equipment for grapevine growing and harvesting
  • Transport and handling machines
  • Machines and equipment for postharvest processing, conservation and storing
  • Municipal applications
  • Machinery and equipment for waste processing (not for power production) in agriculture
  • Components and aggregates of machines and tractors
  • Measurement, diagnostic, laboratory and automation equipment
  • Seed, planting stock, agrochemistry
  • Farm inputs and materials
  • Services and education for agriculture
  • Cultivating mechanization
  • Beekeeping
  • Miscellaneous

Concurrently with

11. - 14.4. 2021

11. - 14.4. 2021

11. - 14.4. 2021

11. - 14.4. 2021

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