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MSV 2023 in Brno: A unique opportunity to present new technologies, products and services

June 1, 2023  /  8:21 AM

How is the industry prepared for the digital era? Which technologies will help increase energy efficiency and cut costs? What new business opportunities is the changing world bringing about? Tens of thousands trade visitors will be looking for answers to these questions in Brno from 10 to 13 October 2023. The 64th season of the MSV International Engineering Fair will take place there.

"MSV has had a long-term high proportion of trade visitors and also visitors with high decision-making powers, typically company owners and senior executives. Therefore, relevant business talks can be held directly at the expo, often resulting in contracts being made. This is confirmed by the results of a survey conducted at the last MSV. Contacts with potential domestic or international customers were established by 95% of the exhibitors," informed the project director Michalis Busios.

Seven key topics

In 2023, MSV will focus on seven key topics that drive the industry today and are also important for its future. Machining and forming machines and tools are traditionally the backbone of the Brno trade fair. The same will be the case this year, when a large number of not only Czech manufacturers are expected to participate, and an interesting extra programme, prepared in cooperation with the Association of Engineering Technology, is in the pipeline.

The energy sector will certainly be in the spotlight this year. The issue of energy savings and higher energy efficiency in industrial production has been addressed at MSV for a long time now. However,  its urgency increased dramatically in the last year, as soaring energy prices became a limiting factor for the industry. How to solve the problem not only now, but also in the future, will be demonstrated by the trade fair expositions and the specialist extra programme.

The evergreen of recent MSV seasons has been the digitalisation of industry. Also in 2023, this key topic will resonate throughout the expo and across all its disciplines. It will once again be highlighted as part of the Digital Factory 2.0 project. Another key topic related to the emergence of progressive technologies in industrial practice will be additive manufacturing, which will feature a wide range of possibilities for the professional application of 3D printing.

Circular economy, highlighted at the stands of the specialised ENVITECH trade show, will focus on saving material resources. The startups topic will show interesting investment opportunities, especially in the field of development, research and transfer of technologies. The seventh key topic, transport and logistics, will be highlighted by the biennial TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS fair.

Digital Factory 2.0 – the most interesting of the digitalisation of industry in one place

The fourth edition of this successful exhibition will present the latest services and products in the field of digitalisation in an educational way. This year, the focus will be on the digital transformation of manufacturing companies and increasing efficiency by deploying artificial intelligence in key processes. It will address how the Czech economy is prepared for this transformation. Prototypes of smart autonomous machines, including their links to the corporate environment, will be the main attraction of the exhibition.

Looking back at MSV 2022 – this expo is an important platform for business

Last year's MSV in October 2022 was attended by 1,256 exhibiting companies from 41 countries, 50% of them coming from abroad. Over four days of the event, 52,148 visitors from 41 countries passed through the gates of the exhibition grounds. A survey conducted by BVV Trade Fairs Brno confirmed high satisfaction with the participation of both exhibitors and visitors. Contacts with potential customers from home and abroad were established by 95% of all exhibitors, 86% of them were satisfied with the quality of the expo. It was similar on the visitors' side: 91% of those who wanted to establish business relations found business counterparts at the expo. 88% of all visitors were satisfied with the overall quality of the expo and 90% of them plan to visit its next season. A full 95% of last year's visitors are active in various industrial sectors, and 84% planned to make investments in the purchase of production equipment or company modernisation in the nearest two years.