June 22, 2023  /  2:12 PM

Creative Challenge: Zero Waste

Challenge for art quilters to include alternative materials in their textile work, mainly those that are not usually considered to be a part of a textile piece. Find new use for nets, wrapping, coated envelopes, pieces of metals, foils, barks and small nature objects, plastic, veriois kinds  of textile scraps, non woven materials.

Focus on various aspects and interpretations of the theme. The quilt must be a three-layer sandwich with original design and free choice of textile technique. Size 75–95 cm width and 100–120 cm height (no further tolerance!) Please add an 8 cm tunnel on the back side for hanging as well as author´s label with name, surname, quilt’s title and year of making.

Jana Štěrbová – Implants

Classical Challenge: SCRAP

A wide spectrum of any possible scraps should be used based on traditional block schemes in classical patchwork techniques. Focus on the roots and work with scraps patches instead of contemporary projects based on new fabrics only.

Three-layer quilt, sized 140–200 cm (10 % tolerance). On the back side an 8 cm wide tunnel for hanging must be attached as well as a label with author’s (authors’) name/names, quilt title and year of making.

Jana Štěrbová - Scrap podle K. Fassetta

Visitor competition: general category CZECH AND FOREIGN QUILT

is open to any work that meets the definition of a quilt and does not exceed a maximum overall size of 220 x 220 cm. The competition is subsidized by in-kind prizes and is judged by a vote of the visitors of the exhibition.

All exhibits must comply with the principles of copyright law.
AUTHOR = individual or group of artists or club work.
Each quilt MUST have its own entry form
and must be suitable for display on a panel (i.e. a minimum 8cm wide tunnel must be sewn on the back for hanging). If the conditions are not met, the organiser reserves the right to refuse the exhibit, not exhibit it or re-categorise it.


The deadline for application is 15 March 2024.

The finished quilt must be submitted no later than 5 April 2024.