Second run of PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO surpassed its premiere

April 23, 2023  /  4:56 PM

PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO presented itself for the second time at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Overall, however, it was the fifteenth edition of the international exhibition of textile techniques, especially patchwork and quilting. From 21 to 23 April, Hall E offered space for more than twenty galleries of textile works by 200 artists from 26 countries. 650 exhibits presented the full spectrum of contemporary production, from traditional patchwork to art quilts. Most of them were presented for the first time ever in Central and Eastern Europe, some even in their world premiere.

Companies specialising in sewing machines, fabrics and other necessities for textile creation were also presented. Among the biggest sellers were companies such as Strima Czech, Haišman, Šicí technika Brother, Design Fabrics or Ragos. This offer concentrated in one place, together with the originals on display, created an optimal mix of inspiration, creativity and creative encounters for visitors.

Leading artists and designers of artistic and traditional quilts gathered in Brno. The SAQA association once again presented worldwide production with its innovative Wide Horizons VIII collection, and the areas of Europe and Middle East region. The competition collection of the French exhibition Once upon a Thread by the European Patchwork Meeting was also international. Kitsch and Arts presented a controversial polemic on the author's transformation of former typically kitsch motifs into works of art. The Latvian artist Elina Lusis Grinberga brought a collection named Threads that is highly valued in Europe. Korean Pojagi was presented by its French promoter Maryse Allard. Three German female artists – Elke Klein, Birgit Schüller and Anke Pradel Schönknecht – impressed people with their innovative approach. Visitors were also able to see the stunning shibori landscapes by Swiss artist Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix.

For the first time in the history of the PPM, Austrian artist Gerlinde Merl also presented her independent collection. International cooperation was unexpectedly standing behind the unique collection of African brocades by VEBA Broumov. Sponsored fabric packages were taken away by authors from the Czech Republic and Germany. Africa in their concept was a cross-section of all contemporary textile techniques. The winning piece of this collection is called African Sun; its author is Renata Edlmanová.

Special space was dedicated to the works from Poland this year. Monika Tilschová was the star of Czech classics for 2023. The new gallery of the AQH group called Stones, sponsored by Preciosa, had its world premiere. Renata Edlmanová offered her own gallery and a summary of her work, Romana Černá also presented her new quilts. Patch Fanynky presented their club project Synagogue Windows in Brno.

The authors of the best quilts won prizes from the jury and visitors

On Saturday afternoon, the award ceremony for the best quilts took place. An international expert jury chose in two categories on the themes of ENERGY and WEDDING RINGS. Sylwia Ignatowska from Poland won in both the classic and creative competition. The wining artists received valuable prizes from the vendors. The winners of the Czech Quilt competition were chosen by visitors and will be published after the exhibition at The competition themes for next year are SCRAP for the classic category, and WASTE FREE/ZERO WASTE for the creative category.

Eight courses expanded the skills of quilters

In-house courses led by renowned tutors were suitable for both advanced and novice amateurs. Demonstrations of various techniques and mini workshops were also held at many sales stalls.

What people said about the exhibition:


Jana Štěrbová, Art Director of PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO:

It is amazing what a home the show has found in Brno, with this year's size even surpassing last season. It shows that the trend of participation is more than promising. There is a complete overview of all that contemporary textile art has to offer, plus everything that is needed for this hobby.

Jaroslav Suchý, Deputy Mayor of Brno:

I am glad that our Brno Exhibition Centre can host this exhibition. I would like it to be its home in the years to come and I would like the participants to enjoy our beautiful city and to come back here often.

Daniela Maslenová, co-owner, Design Fabrics:

From our point of view, the exhibition turned out better than we expected. Last year we came here only as visitors and the event was smaller, this year there are more exhibitors. We see the biggest positive in the fact that a lot of people took us as a contact, because fewer people in the Czech Republic know us than in Slovakia. We hope that the customers who bought from us and were satisfied will keep coming back. Overall, we have sold quite a lot of products.

Kamila Štindlová, owner, 2 Kafky:

The exhibition exceeded our expectations. We had a lot of people looking for us who already knew what they could find, so we are satisfied.

Danuše Březinová, owner, Březinová Danuše – sewing machines – patchwork:

This is our first time exhibiting in Brno and I didn't have any great expectations, but overall, we are satisfied. We had a new machine here and people were extremely interested in it and the fabrics. I like the fact that there is a wide selection of sewing machines here.

Monika Kolajová, machine presentation, PATCHWORKPARTY – Ing. Arch. Anna Zimová:

The exhibition in Brno is much more professional and better organised than in Prague, the space is better, airier and better lit. We think that in a few years, when people learn to come here more, Brno will find the same numerous clientele. People were interested in our goods; we showed a lot of things. This was also made possible by the larger space than in Prague.

Monika Mrštinová, marketing, VEBA, textilní závody a.s.:

We are here for the very first time and we want to show that African brocades can also be used in Europe. Our goal is to present our brand not only in home textiles, where VEBA is well known, but also in this not-so-traditional range for the Czechs.

Martin Zubatý, Managing Director, Strima Czech s.r.o.:

It is probably the only event of its kind in the Czech Republic and a unique chance when an awful lot of our existing or future customers come to the exhibition. We are presenting machines here that customers are often unable to see at our dealers. And we have the whole company here, all mechanics and dealers, so we answer all questions in one place.

Roman Brzuska, Managing Director, Brother Sewing Technology:

Meeting customers in person is also important in the long term. Today, a lot of sales are made over the internet and people are afraid of that, as there are a lot of scammers. They see us here and know that we are not a backyard company, but they can turn to us even in five years' time and we will advise and help them.

Dana Raselová, owner of Ragos:

We have been exhibiting here since the beginning. Personal contact with customers is particularly important to us because contacts are always made in person, selling through an e-shop is not the right thing to do. Especially for fabrics, you must touch the fabric, pick up the scissors and try how they cut.

Pavel Kocian, Managing Director, Haišman Sewing Centre:

This exhibition is important for the presentation of our sewing machines. It is for people from the industry who are interested in sewing and creative fabric processing. We come here to see our customers and they come back to us because they need a sewing machine for their hobby.




The 16th PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO international textile exhibition will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 19 to 21 April 2024.