SOTEX GINETEX CZ: Clevercare recommendations help consumers save both their resources and the environment

March 27, 2024  /  10:58 AM

SOTEX GINETEX CZ is a non-governmental non-profit organisation that brings together around 1000 Czech companies that use the Clevercare symbols on their products.

It is the symbols of care, which originated more than sixty years ago, that are protected by an international trademark and are at the centre of SOTEX's activities - it promotes their correct use both among manufacturing companies and their meanings among consumers.

GINETEX, or rather SOTEX GINETEX CZ, does not only work with symbols, but also deals with environmentally sensitive topics, so in the past it developed the Clevercare system, which is especially intended for consumers. It summarises the basic principles of textile care in terms of environmental load and recommends gentle but effective textile care practices to consumers. Consumers can find the recommendations at

Apart from these activities, SOTEX GINETEX CZ is also the administrator of the only quality label for textile products - QZ - Quality Guaranteed, which is included in the government's Czech Quality Programme. This label is awarded to products and services that prove their quality by meeting the recommended parameters by having the product tested in an independent testing laboratory. If it succeeds, it receives the label for 3 years. The list of holders is available HERE.