COLORMINDS: mutual inspiration to create quilts based on colors of the color wheel

March 28, 2024  /  7:15 AM

COLORMINDS is a Dutch group of 8 art quilters (since October 2013). Each individual has a successful career as an art quilter. They had exhibitions in the Netherlands and the rest of the world or their work was part of travelling exhibitions.

Colorminds – XXL quilt 10 years Anniversary

The aim of the group is to inspire and challenge each other to create exhibition-worthy work. Starting point is always the choice of two or more colors of the color wheel. The choice may be based on complementary or adjacent colors and are sometimes randomly chosen. The size of the quilts is predefined and the theme is most of the time free.

Colorminds – Triad

“Working with a color palette is always a challenge. In our art quilts design and color are closely intertwined. The hue, intensity and tone of a color change when two colors can be seen side by side. Warm versus cool colors, active and passive colors and the relationship between them are an intriguing factor in designing. Color also often leads the eye through a design.

Colorminds – Triad

The group produces series of 8 quilts each. The BPM exposition consists of 6 of the most recent series (41 quilts in total, each quilt size is 90 x 130 cm):

  1. The monochrome serie where each member had one color of the color wheel to work with.
  2. Four series based on a variation of (triad) color selections of the color wheel.
  3. The special XXL serie related to the 10-year anniversary of the group in 2023. This is one large quilt of 720 x 130 cm.

Colorminds – Triad

The members are:

  • Corinne Zambeek-van Hasselt
  • Ellen Lodder
  • Mariëlle Huijsmans
  • Marjolijn van Wijk
  • Nienke Smit
  • Rineke van Zeeburg
  • Rita Dijkstra
  • Suze Termaat

Colorminds members