HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT: historical and costume brocade fabrics, textiles for decorative fabrics or fashion accessories made in a traditional Czech company

April 3, 2024  /  2:46 PM

HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT, s.r.o. is a traditional Czech company that produces jacquard fabrics. The most important products include the production of historical and costume brocade fabrics, fabrics for fashion accessories, furnishing and decorative fabrics, linings and fabrics for funeral purposes. The company designs, weaves and sews these fabrics itself. The in-house design studio makes the products unique and exclusive affordable for everyone.

The company also creates not only its own collections, but also processes patterns according to customer designs. The offer is wide in design but also in the shape of individual products.

The folk costume brocade fabrics selected for the Brno Patchwork Meeting represent high quality material with rich texture and distinctive patterns that are typical of traditional costume garments. These brocades are meticulously made and offer a wide range of colours and designs that will attract the attention of any patchwork, handmade and costume enthusiast. Each piece of brocade is carefully selected with authenticity and aesthetics in mind, ensuring that patchwork projects will shine with originality and beauty. Their luxurious look and quality make these costume brocades an excellent choice for anyone looking for inspiration for their creations.


The company's current novelty and limited edition are yellow costume scarves and ribbons, which catch the eye with their distinctive look. In the brocade assortment you can find a lot of well-known brocades, which have been used for their creations, for example, by leading Czech designers Lenka Mulabegovič (Mi fashion label) and Jiřina Matoušová (WERSO). A huge number of brocades by HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT, s.r.o. can be seen in castles, chateaus, the National or Estates Theatre.


More information: https://www.hedva-fashion.cz/ / https://www.hedva-fashion.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brokat.cz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hedva_cesky_brokat/