International competition collection Tribes: from France via Brazil and Japan the collection is heading to Brno

March 26, 2024  /  7:00 AM

Every year, the European Patchwork Meeting holds an International Contest for quilters worldwide. In 2023, the theme was “Tribes”, a broad concept allowing various creative interpretations.

A “tribe” represents a social group sharing common elements like culture, values, goals, and sometimes family traits. The goal was to portray a sense of belonging to a community, family, or tribe in the artworks.

Participants showcased their understanding of this communal feeling through their needlework, presenting it to the judges.

The theme explored the rich heritage of historical communities that have greatly influenced modern civilizations, showcasing their diverse cultures, myths, and traditions. Notable indigenous communities like the American Plains Indians, Quechuas, and Inuits contributed to the theme, emphasizing the concepts of history, community and family. Artists depicted the connections within their tribes, envisioned new ones, or offered their own interpretations of these communities’ histories.

The jury included Carolyn Mazloomi, Daisy Aschehoug and Susan Vogel.

In September, the selected 30 works were exhibited during the Tribes exhibition at the 28th European Patchwork Meeting in France. Prizes were awarded by the organizers and the contest sponsors to outstanding works during the awards ceremony.

The exhibition of the winning quilts headed from France to Brazil for the Quilt Brasil exhibition and then to Japan for the World Quilt Festival in November 2023.

Now you will be able to see the entire unique world collection at the Brno Patchwork Meeting in Brno from 19 to 21 April 2024!

BEST OF SHOW and People’s Choice: Award Invisible – Angela MINAUDO

Invisible means “that which cannot be seen”.

The invisible tribe, one of the largest metropolitan tribes in existence, is made up of people that others try not to see: marginalized, poor, sick, society’s rejects, by choice or misfortune.

A song by Ermal Meta concludes: “ you who are there but not seen...we are the invisible ones, who will save the world”,... in truth, before him, Jesus had also said it...

Organizers’ Pick: Border – Sylwia Ignatowska

Bernina award: Quilt A ran de mar – Eva Gustems

Aurifil award: America Morena – Estela Mota

Clover award: Quilt Tapayuna – Silvia Rohden

Mettler award: Native woman – Isabel Muñoz

Quiltmania award: Reminiscent of Indians – Aeran Kim

Editions de Saxe award: The shaman – Bára Bartošová

French Patchwork award: Quo vadis – Marzenna Lew