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The BIOMASA fair will focus on the use of wood energy

March 4, 2024  /  2:20 PM

The largest Central European agricultural and forestry fairs will be held in Brno from 7 to 11 April 2024. They will also feature the BIOMASA fair, which will present technologies for the energy use of forest and agricultural biomass.

BIOMASA will be located in Hall Z and its surroundings; most of the exhibits will be related to the energy use of wood, visitors will also find equipment for the use of agricultural biomass, and biogas stations. Boilers will be exhibited by companies such as OPOP, ATMOS, VIAFLAMES, Petrojet Trade, BLAZE HARMONY and others. Visitors will see equipment for biomass processing, such as crushers and chippers, at the stands of MOUDER, DŘEVO–PRODUKT SV, Biber, Biomac, with additonal exhibitors coming to the expo with equipment for the production of pellets and briquettes, or directly with products suitable for combustion. Equipment for biogas stations will also be on display.

A traditional part of the BIOMASA fair is the extra programme. It will take the form of lectures on Monday and Tuesday in Hall Z. In general, it will be focusing on expanding the energy use of biomass, and highlighting the importance of renewable energy sources, which are becoming increasingly important. The presenters will discuss sources of wood pellets and provide effective strategies for utilizing biomass in the time of climate change, a practical use of biomass in forest management, combustion boilers or the application of composting plants.

The Exhibition Centre will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Thursday only until 4 p.m. The best deals for buying  tickets for individual visitors are available on the website of the expo. Great conditions are offered to package tour participants and other organised groups, which can visit the Exhibition Centre for a discounted admission fee, or even for free on the last day of the expo.