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Concurrently with

BIOMASA is part of the Brno agricultural and forestry fairs

January 26, 2024  /  8:19 AM

The largest Central European agricultural and forestry fairs will take place in Brno from 7 to 11 April 2024, featuring also the BIOMASA fair, which will showcase technologies for the energy use of forest and agricultural biomass.

Obtaining energy from renewable sources is increasingly becoming a hot topic

The relationship between agriculture, forestry and biomass energy use is natural and logical. In addition, the use of renewable energy sources is becoming still more relevant nowadays, and independent heating or domestic water heating are gaining a growing importance. The BIOMASA  fair benefits from the interest of visitors to the concurrent TECHAGRO and SILVA REGINA trade fairs and from the combination with the forestry sector.

Both BIOMASA and SILVA REGINA are located in Hall Z and its surroundings. Most of the exhibits at BIOMASA are traditionally related to the energy use of wood. Currently, the fair is mainly attended by manufacturers and distributors of wood mass processing equipment – such as  Biber, BIomac, Dřevo-produkt SV or Mouder. Another significant group of exhibitors consists of companies offering boilers for biomass combustion – for example Jaroslav Cankař a syn, ATMOS, OPOP, Regulus or Viaflames.

Boiler subsidies are an incentive for visitors

Pursunt to the Air Protection Act, only ecological heating sources, i.e. boilers of emission class 3 and higher, will be allowed to be used, and the operation of older types will be prohibited from 1 September 2024. It is certain that before the upcoming heating season, those interested in a new heating method will take advantage of all the opportunities to get information about boiler replacement options. The BIOMASA fair will provide all the relevant information on the conditions of subsidies, comparison of individual boilers including the possibility of purchasing directly from the manufacturer in one place. In addition, summer is the most suitable time to intervene in the heating system and the BIOMASA fair dates make it possible to order a boiler so that it is available in the summer.

A specialised extra programme is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday

Professionals will visit BIOMASA mainly on Monday and Tuesday, when the stage programme in Hall Z will focus on wood mass energy use and composting, featuring also demonstrations of forest biomass processing. The co-organisers of BIOMASA are DŘEVO-PRODUKT SV,  Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Mendel University in Brno and Výzkumný ústav zemědělské techniky (Research Institute of Agricultural Technology)