GAMAX brings innovative solution for urban administration: City AI

April 30, 2024  /  7:00 AM

GAMAX is an AI company focused on providing solutions to companies and municipalities using computer vision and AI tools, in the fields of SMART City, SMART Parking, and River Information Services (RIS). Equipped with an ML team, GAMAX builds deep-learning models serving several industries.

GAMAX City AI - all data into a single City platform
data integration, analytics, visualization for all Municipalities

City AI is a data analytics platform for all municipalities, which integrates data from multiple sources into a unified city dashboard to analyze, visualize, and forecast databases and records, providing strategic decision support for the city administration.


Our data analysis optimizes cities' operations and increases public service efficiency. It saves municipalities time and money and makes cities more comfortable and livable.

The City AI can also monitor the city's traffic – using the city's available sensors (traffic cameras, mobile app, inductive loops, and real-time data from public transport).

With our platform, the cities can unite all of their systems – all of their data in one city dashboard. Therefore, Municipalities can see all relevant information about their city on one map, either in real-time, historically, or through forecasts.

From the observed data, the AI module performs traffic analysis and predicts traffic and if it's necessary it recommends interventions.

We can use the existing infrastructure, City AI easily connects to any traffic controllers, CCTV – IP cameras, and sensors in the city.

City AI is accessible and affordable for municipalities of all sizes - from villages to small towns and to large cities and counties.


City AI features

  • Source independent automated data collection
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Zero CAPEX
  • Urban coordination dashboard
  • 3 in 1 - statistics, reports and forecasts
  • 4 data layers in 1 platform

We are proud of our highly qualified in-house machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise, which can serve the data analytics needs of public and business services in multiple modules in many industries.