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Lvivagromashproekt – machines and equipment for application of plant protection

December 12, 2023  /  7:30 AM

"Lvivagromashproekt" - Ukrainian company whose staff has more than 65 years creating new and improving existing designs of machines and equipment for application of plant protection products.

Today we can offer to our clients:

  • Trailed sprayers with main tank capacity – 2500 l and 3500 l.Sprayer rods - 18m, 21m, 24m, 27m, 28m.
  • Seed treaters - Stationary and mobile. For small farms and professional seed plants.
  • Productivity from 1-3 t/h, 1-5 t/h, 3-20 t/h.
  • Grain loaders - 5 t/h, 20 t/h and 60 t/h.
  • Other equipment for chemical protection and disinfection with an individual approach to each client.
Machines for treating seeds of grain and leguminous crops

The manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt” offers several models that have already been appreciated by Ukrainian farmers.

  • Auger treater PNSh-3 (P) “Farmer”
  • Auger treater PNSh-5 (P) “Hospodar”
  • Chamber treaters PK-20 “Super” (P) , PK-20-02 “Super” (P)
  • Stationary chamber treaters PKS-20 PT, PKS-20 PB, PKS-20 BH
  • Auger treater PNS-5
  • Auger treater PNSh-3-01 (P) for big-bags
  • Stationary treater PNS-5-01 for big-bags
  • Portion treater PP-5

The machines are capable of treating with chemicals from 1 to 20 tons of seeds per hour. The consumed power and dimensions are directly proportional to the performance of the equipment. Seed loading is carried out manually or automatically.

Modern technology makes it possible to mechanize and simplify the work of farms at all stages of growing agricultural crops.

Trailed sprayers from our Ukrainian manufacturing plant “Lvivagromashproekt” help to treat the soil with liquid mineral fertilizers, as well as reliably protect plants from diseases, weeds and pests.
Such a mechanism consists of a spraying system, a tank for a special liquid, a hydraulic rod and a chassis. Depending on the modification, trailed sprayers are aggregated with tractors of different classes.

Here is a list of models of trailed sprayers from our plant:

  • trailed rod sprayer OPSh-2418;
  • trailed rod tractor garden sprayer OPSh-24-21;
  • trailed rod sprayer for the tractor OPSH -3521;
  • trailed rod sprayer for the tractor OPSh -3524;
  • trailed blower sprayer OVP -2000.