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March 18, 2024  /  3:07 PM

Kapitalpromresurs LLC is one of the leading companies of Ukraine in the field of agricultural equipment production. Founded in 2010, our company plays a key role in the development of innovative agricultural technologies.

We specialize in the production of TM SIVAgra in mechanical planters, which provide efficient and environmentally safe sowing using No-Till technology

Our goals:

  • Production of durable, cost-effective equipment that is the most optimal on the market
  • Popularization of No-Till technology in Ukraine and in the world for the significant saving of resources 3 Soil conservation thanks to the use of advanced No-Till technology
  • Promotion of environmental friendliness in agricultural activity
  • Rapid development of the enterprise, which meets all European and international standards
  • Satisfaction of customer needs when solving complex technological solutions in the shortest time