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Introduction CED Co-Exhibitors

March 21, 2024  /  12:26 PM

The CED Central European Economic Development Network Nonprofit Ltd. is a background institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary. Its task is the operative performance of the export promotion and economic development efforts in Central Europe.

Our service portfolio covering each segment of the commercial processes was established in close accordance with international trends. This ensures every partner of us to use our services, such as the targeted search for and the arrangement of partners, the monitoring of specific export opportunities and the introduction in regional trade shows among others, as efficiently as possible. Our partners have high-quality, state-of-the-art and innovative product and service portfolio in almost every field of industry, such as machinery industry and agriculture. Within the framework of the TechAgro, in the stand of the CED, altogether 10 exhibitors supported by us are waiting for the interested companies open to Hungarian products.

You can find us and our 10 fellow exhibitors in the TechAgro trade show, in the stand 015 of the pavilion P.

Agrovir Kft.

AgroVIR is the leading independent farm management software, developed by and for farmers. It keeps track of all your operations and cost allocations. It helps you to take better decisions every day, leading to improved crop performance and higher margins.

With AgroVIR you have an always accurate and up-to-date overview of your agricultural operations, profitability and environmental impact. We have a proven track record of over a decade of successful implementations with our team of agronomists, IT and financial specialists and operations in many countries, presenting a close to zero churn rate in more than 15 years.

AgroVIR helps you to plan, act, evaluate & continuously improve your performance. You can have all your farm data and farm maps in one place and enjoy our data interfaces with leading brands.

Finally, you can terminate your data silos and have one integrated system based on solid and comparable data. Save time and cost by having a transparent administration, trust your dashboard to see valuable insights. Comply easily with complex regulations and make sure to receive your subsidies and avoid administrative fines. AgroVIR is a complex system that is easy to use. Discover the ever-growing number of possibilities that we offer.


Our company is engaged in the development and manufacture of agricultural machinery. One of our specialities is the BUSATM Rotor, a fundamentally new working machine developed and patented by the founder of our company. Our product range comprises of seedbed makers, disc harrows, row-crop cultivators, field cultivators, plant cultivators, subsoilers and rollers. With the continuous development of our machines, we try to satisfy the needs of the market, to improve the quality of our products.

Jengmas Kft.

IGJ Járműgyártás / Jengmas Ltd. has decades of experience in trailer manufacturing.
Main production lines

  • forestry trailer and crane production
  • agricultural tipper body trailers
  • manure spreading equipment
  • container /skip loader trailers
  • special design trailers

The range is characterised by a robust, durable chassis and running gear structure and a family-type series with the possibility of using interchangeable bodies. Numerous practical examples of operation are available. Our products are exported to a range of countries.


Welcome to Helti Ltd.! Founded by József Garami in 1996, our family business specializes in agricultural spare parts and machinery manufacturing. Our manufacturing processes are meticulously planned and executed from raw material to finished product, integrating state-of-the-art technology. With eight distinct machine families, we proudly stand as one of the country's most influential agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises.


Our company, MASTIFF Ltd., manufactures self-developed single-track (two-wheel) cargo bikes in Hungary. We also supply unique contributions (open carrier box, child box, lockable messenger box, messenger bags) and accessories (rain cover, canopy, smart lock) to them, which can be mounted easily on their load-carrying platform. We manufacture and source our products building on domestic and European suppliers. We sell our products throughout Europe through resale partners and distributors.

Maurer Gép Kft.

Maurer Gép is a Hungarian manufacturing and project engineering company with a global outlook, specialising in the fruit processing machines.
The intense relationship with our customers doesn’t end with the delivery of our machines, it is about to Starts there. Wherever our machines are used, our technicians on site will ensure that the machine does exactly what the customer chose for: efficient processing.

MyActionCam Hungary Kft.

Drone2B provides drone solutions across various industries, focusing on precision agriculture, offering an array of services including drones, payloads, maintenance, and education. During its 15 years of operation, it has also established a Czech subsidiary and, by 2024, became a key distributor for all DJI products. Our portfolio assists agricultural clients in activities such as pest control, aerial spraying and spreading, mapping, yield prediction, reseeding, etc. We aim to offer advanced aerial solutions to meet the diverse needs of the modern farming sector.


MouldTech Systems Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company with 112 employees operating in Zalaegerszeg, Western Hungary, for more than 20 years. The company has entered the dynamic market of what is now known as precision agriculture with a CDA nozzle patent. Around the revolutionary, controllable droplet-size spray head, a spraying drone was soon developed 100% by the company under the name A10. After a thousand hours of test flights, the drone is released to the market, with all Hungarian and EU market authorisations. With outstanding features and services such as precision meteorological support and the third-generation improved nozzle, we ensure continuous and more efficient operation.

Proofminder Services Kft.

The Proofminder platform provides timely and 99% accurate reports for each plant on a large scale. Utilizing AI, it extracts valuable insights from high-resolution (less than 0.5 cm/pixel) drone images and creates actionable reports for various field crops, trees and other plants. Numerous use cases are available on the platform - growers can precisely calculate plant stands, assess the yield, identify overlooked tassels in hybrid corn, detect weeds, generate prescription maps for targeted spot spraying and optimise production processes to grow better yield sustainably.

Terrago Kft.

The goal of our company is to raise awareness to the importance of sustainable crop production and to promote the advantages of biological solutions. We believe that with the tools and support of microbiology we are able help sustainable farming. Our BIOFIL branded products support improving soil disadvantages in a naturally environmentally friendly way: we have unique soil inoculant products based on soil pH, products for nodule formation, products for soil structure improvement, products for preserving plant health, foliar fertilizers and products for decomposition.