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March 21, 2024  /  3:28 PM

The Egritech company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery for harvesting and transporting crops. We implemented world experience and innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of grain and oilseeds logistics in Ukraine and beyond. Our technology helps to speed up harvesting and transportation of crops by 30%, saving your resources and enabling farmers to reduce the number of processes during harvesting.

Production of equipment in accordance with the requirements of all standards ensures modern production, namely:

  • Automated shot blasting complex
  • Automated painting and drying chamber
  • Two modern plasma cutting machines with CNC and equipped with a pipe cutting option
  • Robotic welding complex with the possibility of welding large structures
  • Mechanical station for drilling, milling and turning operations
  • Sheet bending machine made of CNC, which allows you to perform bending operations on sheets up to 12 mm thick
  • Also, a large amount of welding processes are used in production, which requires appropriate equipment

Each model of Egritech agricultural machinery is a unique business solution created according to ISO 9001:2015 international standards. Taking into account the maximum passability, the load on the equipment, the peculiarity of the location of the grain storage facilities and the landscape of the field. We manufacture storage and transshipment hoppers, tipper semitrailers, tractor semi-trailers and grain trucks. Our main task is to ease the difficult work of farmers and manufacture high-quality equipment.

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