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Výrobce:UTILCELL, s.r.o.
Exhibitor:UTILCELL, s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit:

SensSilo represents an innovative weighing system for silo containers, where each weight sensor operates independently, providing precise load data. The system can be enhanced with a wide range of additional sensors that monitor variable conditions such as silo inclination, wind speed, and both external and internal humidity and temperature. These comprehensive data are then efficiently transmitted over a modern NB-IOT wireless network to a secure cloud storage.
In the cloud, sophisticated data analysis occurs, where advanced machine learning algorithms continuously monitor key silo parameters. This enables detailed monitoring of material flows, detection of undesirable material adhesion to the walls, and prevention of potential problems through timely intervention. These intelligent solutions not only ensure more efficient and safer silo operation but also optimize storage capacities and reduce operating costs. Thus, SensSilo is not only a technological advance but also a key to sustainable and innovative inventory management.