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LKT 60

February 1, 2024  /  8:19 AM

The production of forest machinery in Trstena has a long tradition. The development and production of forest harvesters dates back to 1971, when the first pieces of forestry machines, equipment were manufactured and sold. Thousands of satisfied users all over the world are already familiar with the LKT brand.

Our company LKT s.r.o. has built on a 50-year tradition of production and its know-how makes it one of the leading European manufacturers of forestry equipment.
During its existence, more than 17,000 LKT machines have been manufactured and sold to more than 26 countries worldwide. Of this number, approximately 1,600 machines have been sold to German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The main product range is the production of forest machines in the power range 50 kW - 210 kW. In addition, the company uses its technological capacities to produce welded parts for manufacturers of earthmoving, construction and road machinery.

The LKT 60, with an output of 115 KW and a wheelbase of 2.5 metres, is the smallest machine in this range. It is mainly used for thinning and in narrow stands.

The LKT 60 is designed to assist in felling and pruning. A two-drum winch with a capacity of 2×80 kN is used for pulling and moving heavy timber. Sorting is facilitated by a combined hydraulic log holder on the front blade.