Nurol Teknoloji

May 12, 2023  /  9:37 AM

Nurol Teknoloji is one of the Nurol Holding Group of Companies established in 2008 to produce advanced technical ballistic ceramics. Since the day it was established, it has prioritized research and development, and has made significant progress in product development studies even by developing and producing the high temperature sinter furnaces required for production infrastructure. In the past years, it has continued the journey it started with advanced technical ceramics, together with ballistic solutions.

In addition to Alumina, Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide Ceramic production, Tungsten Carbide ceramics, which are used in the civilian area, take their place among the Nurol Teknoloji ceramic product range. Nurol Teknoloji produces advanced technical ballistic ceramics and hybrid ballistic protective armor solutions that are needed by all friendly and allied countries in the world, particularly by the Turkish Security Forces, under a single roof in three production facilities located in Ankara.

As the only advanced technical ceramic producer of Turkey, Nurol Teknoloji has made the mark of Turkey among the few countries in the world that can produce Boron Carbide ceramics thanks to the Boron Carbide ceramics that it produces with the processes it has developed.

With its machine park, qualified human resources, quality infrastructure, accredited ballistic laboratories and Research & Development vision; the ballistic solutions that it has specially created for the needs of its customers in the fields of personal protection, land vehicle protection, air vehicle protection, naval vessels protection and structural units protection are used with full confidence by the security forces both in our country and in various countries of the world.

"With the heavy responsibility of protecting people, we continue our way to do better every day with the top quality awareness and to protect our security forces by offering the most innovative, most effective, lightest and most reliable solutions against the evolving and increasing threats in our world every day.”