Jozef Síkela: Personal contact is irreplaceable!

October 10, 2023  /  10:10 AM

The Czech National Exposition in Hall P was opened by a speech of the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela, who appreciated the significant role of MSV in supporting Czech companies. Visiting this year's Czech National Exposition in his view can be for many entrepreneurs the beginning of their export story.

Minister Síkela stressed in his introduction the importance of this Brno-based expo, which is returning to its pre-covid size. "The exhibition industry has gone through a horror period in recent years. I am incredibly happy that the situation is improving, which we can see in the development of the last two editions of MSV. Companies and trade visitors are increasingly interested because they know very well that nothing can replace personal contact. I can confirm this from my own long-term experience in business. I am very pleased that the engineering fair can continue to develop one of the most important events in this field not only in this country, but also internationally."

According to Jozef Síkela, the Czech National Exposition at this year's MSV is to launch a story that consists of two important and interconnected documents, i.e., the new Czech export strategy and the upcoming economic strategy. Both strategies have a common goal - to create a modern, successful, and resilient Czech Republic. "To achieve this, I believe it is important to develop the supply of state services, improve conditions for the provision and development of human resources, intensify cooperation with foreign countries and ensure economic security. It is important to support Czech innovative companies that develop, produce, and sell products with high added value, which will stand up internationally," the Minister said.  The state services are presented in the exhibition by 12 entities, which will offer companies assistance with one of the most discussed topics – attracting qualified workers from abroad. Consultations with specialists in energy saving for industrial enterprises are also available. A new feature of the exhibition is the presentation of innovative Czech companies that the Ministry of Industry and Trade has supported with its programmes and wants to help them establish contacts with foreign partners.

Jozef Síkela also invited company representatives to Thursday's CzechTrade agency‘s Meeting Point, which offers consultations with the directors of 25 foreign representations on current export opportunities around the world. "Not only from the point of view of economic security, we should not forget about the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine. We are monitoring the situation and, as part of the reconstruction of Ukraine, we are opening the door for Czech companies to new opportunities on the Ukrainian market. Together with BVV Trade Fairs Brno, we managed to organize meetings with Ukrainian partners, representatives of regions and cities. The Contact Ukraine exhibition in Hall A is a great opportunity for Czech companies to participate in joint projects for the reconstruction of Ukraine," the Minister informed and concluded by stressing that the Engineering Fair is a key place for innovation, where the Digital Factory project has been held several times as an inspiration for the introduction of new technologies.

"Dropping by at the Czech National Exposition can be the beginning of your export story," the Minister assured the entrepreneurs present and thanked the other members of the Government who help Czech companies in the development of their business and exports. "This is a key investment that will undoubtedly pay off for us. It is an investment into the future of the Czech Republic," concluded Jozef Síkela.