April 12, 2023  /  1:32 PM

DELBAG is a company with more than 110 years of tradition in the production of air filters and filtration equipment, and it is a subsidiary of the German multinational group HENGST Filtration. DELBAG is one of the leading technological pioneers in the field of air filtration, and the company’s current product range covers more than 20,000 types of filters for standard and industrial applications, as well as special filters for military and civilian use. Thanks to its international presence, DELBAG products are successfully used in more than eighty countries around the world.

DELBAG has its main production plant in Liberec (Czech Republic), where it specializes in research, development, production and final sales of the following products:

  • special filters for individual protection of persons (deployment in combat vehicles),
  • special filters for collective personal protection (deployment in military and civil defence shelters),
  • air filter inserts, HEPA filters, pocket filters and filter mats,
  • air duct filters, dust collectors, electrostatic precipitators and air intake filtration systems.

DELBAG offers a tailor-made solution for every project thanks to the variability of its products. Our filters reliably filter out radioactive, chemical and biological substances, as well as toxic fumes, fine dust and also, for example, particles of emulsion or oil mist which are generated during the production process. We also offer solutions for the capture of bacteria, pollen, moulds or viruses. Dust extraction systems used in the food and construction industries are also an integral part of DELBAG’s supply.

In recent years, DELBAG’s dominant products include special filters for individual and collective protection of people (KF 150/200, KFM 200, KF 1000, FVZ MK 15/24 for TATRA vehicles and many others). Special filters are deployed in military or civilian shelters, as well as in combat or non-combat military vehicles. In addition, air filtration also supports economical process control. The cost of electricity consumption is significantly reduced and legal requirements in this field are also met with certainty. DELBAG will always provide you with the optimum solution in the field of air filtration.