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Worldwide production of machine tools and forming machinery is returning to pre-covid levels, the Czech Republic is still lagging behind

October 12, 2023  /  12:21 PM

After a dropout between 2019 and 2021, global production of machine tools and forming machinery has already returned last year to the record-breaking level of 2018. Year-on-year industry growth averaged 12% globally.

As Oldřich Paclík, director of the Association of Engineering Technology (SST), informed at a press conference held at MSV, this recovery trend was also visible in the Czech Republic, but the increase in Czech production lagged somewhat behind the global average and reached only 8.5%. The total sectoral production in the Czech Republic was worth CZK 10.4 billion, with the largest contribution to the increase coming from turning machine manufacturers. At the same time, the consumption of machine tools and forming machines increased year-on-year by 23% to CZK 10.9 billion. Imports rose by 31% to around CZK 12 billion. "Previously, our exports far exceeded imports, but in recent years they have started to level off," commented Oldřich Paclík.

The industry achieved record-breaking results in 2018, then came the decline due to the transformation of the European automotive industry, to which covid added, followed by problems related to the war in Ukraine, the rise in energy prices and inflation." However, 2022 represents a clear turning point and a gradual return to pre-Covid conditions. It is still difficult to estimate the results for 2023. In terms of exports, the first half of the year was relatively good, with a 5 to 7 percent increase. However, in terms of the labour stock and new orders, the situation in firms is not entirely good. We dare estimate that 2023 will be similar to 2022," thinks Oldřich Paclík.

Sixteen SST member companies are exhibiting at the International Engineering Fair this year. Including the Association's stand with the "Learning Centre" – a space for the traditional competition of young engineering specialists in CNC machine programming – they occupy 1269 sqm of exhibition space.