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Confederation of Indian Industry to host "INDIA PAVILION" at the 64th MSV International Engineering Fair

October 7, 2023  /  5:53 PM

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is orchestrating the "INDIA PAVILION" at the 64th International Engineering Trade Fair in Central Europe - MSV 2023, scheduled from October 10-13, 2023, at the Brno Exhibition Centre, Czech Republic. This remarkable endeavor has garnered the support of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, and the Embassy of India in the Czech Republic.

The primary objective is to augment awareness regarding the extensive economic opportunities that both nations can explore, bolster the "BRAND INDIA" image, accentuate emerging markets for trade and investments, and fortify the bilateral trade and economic ties between India and the Czech Republic. In Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic holds a pivotal position for India. Notably, India has previously held the position of "Partner Country" at MSV Brno Fair on two significant occasions (2012 & 2017) and boasted a robust presence with 47 Indian export enterprises in the "India Pavilion" in 2019.

In a prestigious ceremony graced by dignitaries and senior officials from the Government of India, the inauguration of the India Pavilion will be presided over by H.E. Mr. Hemant H. Kotalwar, Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

The India Pavilion is set to feature 25 Indian export enterprises and host a high-level delegation comprising over 85 industry leaders from key sectors encompassing engineering (mechanical, machinery, chemical, mining, metallurgical, power & heavy electrical), manufacturing, foundry, automation, and digitization. This comprehensive cross-sectoral presentation aims to showcase Brand India, spotlighting the nation's industrial strides and business potential. The event envisages fostering aspirational engagement, with an extensive slate of B2B meetings and events slated to take place in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Over the course of the four-day MSV Brno Fair, the India Pavilion will actively foster fresh collaborations in realms such as technological exchanges, R&D, advanced engineering, smart manufacturing, material resource management, sustainable development, digitization of production, and fostering interpersonal encounters between the two nations.

This prestigious international engineering exhibition serves as a prominent platform to underscore the potential for fortifying business connections in the industry 4.0 and digital factory domains, particularly focusing on digitization in production, a pivotal facet of the ongoing innovation process. Furthermore, it aims to accentuate new and expanding markets for trade and investment between India and the Czech Republic in the realm of international engineering.

In essence, this international engineering fair has diligently crafted a platform to showcase opportunities for forging robust business linkages in the digital technology manufacturing sector, whilst also shedding light on new and burgeoning markets that hold immense promise for trade and investment between India and the Czech Republic.