Calendar of trade fairs & events


Mar 7, 2025 – Mar 9, 2025


International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair

OPTA is the most important specialised presentation of eye optics and ophthalmology in the Central and Eastern European region. OPTA is co-organised by the Association of Czech Opticians and Optometrists. During the twelve years that this trade fair has been running at the Brno Exhibition Centre, both the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors have since grown four times lerger. The OPTA trade fair is not just a presentation of top fashion spectacle frames, glasses and contact lenses. Neither is it just about the technology or equipment used, but it also serves as a centre of education, offering numerous specialised lectures and seminars, including the OPTA International Congress for Optics and Optometry Educators and Professionals.


Apr 2, 2025 – Apr 3, 2025


International Stainless Steel Fair

It is a highly specialised show of stainless steel with strong international attendance both among exhibitors and visitors. With 80% international attendees of the total 150 this event is the most international in the Brno Exhibition Centre portfolio. Among visiting professionals of whom there are over a thousand this proportion is almost 40%.

Apr 10, 2025 – Apr 13, 2025

European Dog Show

Organiser: the Czech-Moravian Cynological Union Prague

Visitors are invited to enjoy an exciting programme and sales zone, where you will find a range of dog products, food, breeding supplies and much more.


National Gamekeeping Show

Gamekeeping and hunting have a long history both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and this tradition continues to the present time. As part of the National Gamekeeping Show, the development of gamekeeping, breeding and hunting, and protection of wildlife and its environment will be presented. The National Gamekeeping Show presents both to professionals and the general public a broad range of gamekeeping and hunting supplies, including an exhibition of hunting trophies, both from Czech and foreign hunting grounds, accompanied by an exhibition of hunters’ uniforms. It also features an exhibition of hunting guns, ammunition and optical systems. The exhibition is complemented by forestry education, with emphasis on the education of children in the relation to the nature. Last but not least, the exhibition is also dedicated to cynologists.The National Gamekeeping Show will be held in 2025.



ANIMAL TECH 2025 will take place with the National Show of Livestock and with National Gamekeeping Show. This group of trade fairs was set up in cooperation with partners and co-organisers – professional associations, state administration, local government and specialised schools. The key themes of the exhibition are breeding, genetics, veterinary medicine, technology and agricultural technology for livestock. The fair is primarily aimed at experts - breeders, animal technicians, farmers and vets.


National show of livestock

This event in Brno is considered the largest show of livestock production in the Czech Republic. The exhibition features 1000 animals – cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses from the best Czech farms. National show of livestock is very popular show for professional visitors working in agriculture. Meet farmers, breeders, veterinarians and other experts. Present them your innovations, products and technology. National show of livestock 2025 will take place with the fair ANIMAL TECH and with National Gamekeeping Show.



IDET 2025

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

The IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair is an important defence and security technology show in Central Europe with strong international participation of exhibitors and trade visitors. It is designed as a pro-export platform for the Czech defence and security industry. It is held with the support and participation of the most important political and military representatives of the Czech Republic. The largest exhibitor is the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The fair will be visited by international military delegations and delegations of foreign defence ministries for armament. Concurrently with the IDET fair, the PYROS International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair and the ISET International Security Technology and Services Fair will be held.


PYROS 2023

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

Specialised trade fair designed primarily for experts in the field of fire protection, integrated rescue system activities, health, and life and property protection. This trade fair is a number one in the Czech Republic with a long tradition – its first season was held as early as 1972. It is a unique opportunity to get an overview of the functioning of the integrated rescue system and its individual components. Concurrently, the IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair and the ISET International Security Technology and Services Fair will be held.

May 28, 2025 – May 30, 2025

ISET 2023

International Security Technology and Services Fair

ISET offers a comprehensive presentation of technologies for the protection and safety of life, information and property. The main theme is cyber security and its importance in the contemporary world. The fair is a very good opportunity to present the offer of solutions for cyber security to numerous and high-quality clientele and to exhibiting companies of the security fairs complex. Representatives of the public sphere, security and armed forces will be present and interested in securing cyber security. In parallel with the ISET trade fair, the International Defense and Security Fair IDET and the International Fire and Equipment Fair PYROS are held.




International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry

WOODTEC is an important fair for the woodworking and furniture industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This event is a business, educational and social event for all who work with wood. In 2023, WOODTEC will take place simultaneously with the MSV International Engineering Fair. Czech professional associations in the field of woodworking machinery, woodworking and furniture production cooperate in organizing the fair.