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Exhibit:Technologie Olmix MIP (Mineral Inducer Process)
Producer:Olmix SA
Exhibitor:Olmix Czech Republic s.r.o.
Special category:Soil water retention friendly

Brief characteristics of the exhibit:

The principle of MIP technology is a precisely defined complex of microelements, macroelements and organic substances, which are necessary for the proper functioning of biological reactions in the target environment - soil or plants. These substances are subsequently used in the formation of enzymes and proteins in soil and plants. These proteins are involved in many processes, such as the decomposition of organic matter by soil microflora or the protection of plant cells during stress. The use of biostimulants with MIP technology comprehensively improves the biological, physical and chemical properties of the soil, which results in an improvement of the soil structure and thus increases the infiltration of water into the soil by 25-30% and subsequently improves the retention capacity of the soil by up to 50%.