We have great news about Brno Majáles 2024

March 15, 2024  /  9:11 AM

We have great news about the Brno Majáles 2024 - we have managed to solve 5 of the biggest problems of last year's event, rebuilt and expanded the venue, and thanks to that the number of extra tickets will increase a bit - but the number is limited so that you can feel really good in the newly adapted space.

The 5 biggest problems of last year and their solutions:

1. Queues for food - at various times there were queues for food in some places, even after 10pm many stalls were completely cleared out.
SOLUTION: The organizers have established a new cooperation with a trusted company, where they are guaranteed triple the capacity of food distribution, even if other external vendors do not come, which they sometimes manage to do. And not just capacity, these stalls are dedicated to serving food as quickly as possible and are near or inside the pavilions where you can sit comfortably and eat in peace.

2. Self-opening of Pavilion V - when a rain shower came, visitors "opened" Pavilion V themselves, which they used as an unplanned shelter.
SOLUTION: This year we have secured the addition of 3 pavilions, including the large V, where the facilities will be official and legal. :)

3. Unnecessary delays in the transition to AFTERPARTY, aka Majáles NIGHT
SOLUTION: Strengthen organization and security.

4. Interrupting the show at RAP - collapsing in the front rows, where they stand from the beginning of the event and don't eat or drink anything all day just to have a great view of the stage.
SOLUTION: Significantly better and safer zone organisation with 3x more foot barriers, better access to soft drink and fast food stalls.

5. Small VIP area at the POP stage - someone had VIP tickets, but the experience of the pools under the stage was not very pleasant.  
SOLUTION: This year, the "VIP - Front Row" sector under the POP and RAP stage is five times bigger and more comfortable.

Other bonuses:

  1. Expansion of the area - this year the Majáles at the exhibition centre will not be held simultaneously with other events, and therefore much more space can be used. 3 extra pavilions will be open, which will have new facilities. At one point, over 6,000 people will be able to sit and eat in peace, which is unprecedented at any Czech festival. The pavilions will not only have facilities for resting, but also an accompanying programme and attractions prepared by university teams or the universities themselves - for example, the entire pavilion G1 will be occupied by the Brno University of Technology with its installations.
  2. There will be additional services, such as a storage room for the unfortunate people who took an umbrella or a large perfume and left it at the entrance, where they then had to search for it after the event (and often never found it), right outside the entrance to the venue. A large cloakroom will then be created in one of the pavilions, it is a fact that during the day it is usually warm, but in the evening warmer clothes come in handy and no one wants to lug them around all day.
  3. Amplified sound - delay towers at the RAP and POP stage, or strong sound, whether you stand close or far away.

You can buy tickets at www.brno.majales.cz/secret/.