SPACE MISSION will show rare artifacts from NASA

March 15, 2024  /  11:04 AM

On 15 March, SPACE MISSION will open its doors - an original exhibition and amusement and educational park created in cooperation with NASA.

Kokpit raketoplánu na výstavě SPACE MISSION.

Visitors will experience the adventure of space exploration, current and future missions, and astronaut training at Space Camp.

The SPACE MISSION exhibition and amusement and education park on more than 3,500 square metres combines knowledge with fun for visitors young and old. True space fans will find their own space exhibit here, as the exhibition area boasts original NASA exhibits. For families with children, the park is full of space inspiration and fun challenges; school expeditions will not only learn about space flight in a playful way. The park also includes a large astronaut training centre, SPACE CAMP, full of virtual reality and flight simulators.

Originální skafandr mise Apollo 13.

The SPACE MISSION exhibition presents a new concept combining education and entertainment. Thanks to modern technology, it literally immerses and immerses visitors in a space adventure. Original NASA artefacts such as spacesuits, rocket engines, spacecraft, prototype lunar vehicles or huge walk-through models of the space shuttle and orbital station are complemented by projections and virtual reality that take visitors directly onto spacecraft or straight into space. There is an audio guide and a special children's trail full of fun challenges for young astronauts.

The future of space exploration and settlement beyond planet Earth

A special area is devoted to current and future space missions, especially the return of mankind to the Moon and the preparation of interplanetary flights to Mars. Visitors will also get a glimpse into the deep past to the formation of our galaxy, now made possible by the James Webb Telescope.


Fun and space training for all

In the large SPACE CAMP, visitors can experience pilot and astronaut training in virtual reality or on a real flight simulator - a gyroscope.


Rare artifacts from NASA

The SPACE MISSION exhibition was created in collaboration with NASA and the Cosmosphere Education Center and Museum. This museum holds all the pieces of equipment, spacesuits, spacecraft and even computers that have returned from missions to space. It is many of these exhibits that have literally touched space that visitors will now see in the exhibition.

Originální tryska modulu Saturn V.


The exhibition and the SPACE MISSION amusement and educational park will be open at the Brno Exhibition Centre in Hall C until the end of the summer holidays - until 1 September 2024.

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