Restart of WOODTEC was a success

October 13, 2023  /  4:15 PM

The WOODTEC International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry was held at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 10 to 13 October 2023. This period was the same as for the International Engineering Fair. WOODTEC was located in Hall Z, which was also open to visitors of the engineering fair.

The fair featured 48 exhibitors, who presented the products of 72 represented companies. In total, visitors saw the offer of companies from 17 countries. Nearly 60 thousand visitors passed through the gates of the exhibition centre over the four days. The main partner of WOODTEC is the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Woodworking Machinery and Equipment.

Most of the exhibitors came to the expo with machines for wood processing and furniture production, as well as tools, instruments, fittings, and accessories. Many machines and tools were demonstrated in operation. Visitors were most interested in tools, hand tools for plastics and wood processing, machines for primary and secondary wood processing and finishing, materials, fittings, and software.

The next edition of WOODTEC will take place in 2025.
What people said about the expo

Evžen Rojek, Sales Director and Member of the Board of Directors, ROJEK a.s.
On behalf of ROJEK, I can say that our expectations were certainly met. The first day was not bad and the second and third days were absolutely excellent. The turnout of was particularly good. Visitors wanted to see our new products physically, view the machines, and even requests are so serious that we believe the effect will come, and sales will happen. Hence, the expo was great, and we will only look forward to WOODTEC being held again in the years going forward.

Miroslav David, Sales Manager, IGM Tools & Machinery
We are generally satisfied. There were quite a lot of visitors and we were also surprised that MSV visitors were also interested in woodworking. We are also quite focused on DIY, so we found relatively many people interested in our machines there. We received great acclaim, and we are satisfied with the overall turnout. Thursday was a really strong day; our satisfaction is maximum.

David Elis, sales services and consulting, company owner
We did not really have any great expectations, but we are glad that the expo is back again after six years. It was great that we could present ITA Tools actually for the first time in the Czech Republic. The combination of the woodworking fair and the engineering fair is a good option for me.

Pavel Horký, BG Technik cs
The Brno Exhibition Centre really managed this year to get visitors in, which anyway was to be expected thanks to the combination with MSV. As far as business is concerned, I am satisfied, we have plenty of contacts, which is fine.

Zdeněk Otčenášek, trainer for the company Festool
For me it was perfect. It was really well attended. There was a lot of interest in the machines. The return on the costs was 100%. We presented our superior service and new products to a lot of customers and our expectations were met.

Stanislav Telec, director of woodworking machinery division, TOS Svitavy
As far as WOODTEC is concerned, we are happy that it took place this year and we hope that it will again take on those two will take on those two-year cycles. I think that this symbiosis with MSV is not entirely bad, in fact, many years ago the expo was like this. This trade show is a kind of meeting with our new clients who already have some offers from us, or who we have served in the past years, or who want to upgrade, for example. I do not think that the website and e-mail communication can fully replace the personal contact that is intensely taking place here.

Michal Legdan, managing director of the company Legdan
This is our first exhibition, and we are incredibly happy to have participated. We rate it very positively and are already looking forward to the next edition. At the same time, we believe that even more exhibitors, including the biggest brands, will take part in the expo.

Dominik Popelák, SWOOD specialist at SolidVision
As far as our expectations are concerned, I dare say that the expo exceeded them by a lot. We have already arranged individual presentations of our software. We believe that this will be of great benefit to us and our colleagues.

Kristýna Špinarová, ŠPINAR-software
Our expectations have been fulfilled, we have managed to arrange a lot of presentations of our software and take pre-orders from clients. After Tuesday, the turnout grew dramatically, and the interest of the visitors grew with it. It was also a pleasure to meet our existing customers; we are really satisfied with this year's expo.