April 20, 2023  /  11:20 AM

PRAMACOM-HT is involved into a development, integration, and service in the field of optoelectronics and C4ISTAR systems for a dismounted deployment.

Its pilot projects are:

  • soldier's system including a development of MyVector C4ISTAR software (for the Czech Armed Forces called MBK – Modular Battle Kit; for the NATO through the NSPA agency);
  • night vision systems manufacturing and service including SOF and ANVIS (more than 6,000 units manufactured, more than 10,000 units serviced);
  • since 2005 systems for JTACs/JFOs including Rover, DDL, VMF and Link-16 NATO data links;
  • integration of sensors into vehicles and autonomous systems (UAV, UGV, UGS) using WaveRelay data link.

The company's priority customers are the Czech Armed Forces and the NATO countries.

PRAMACOM-HT is ISO 9001/14001 certified.