May 9, 2023  /  2:39 PM

MKU is a global defense and homeland security company on a mission to empower heroes. We area leading manufacturer of smart soldier solutions and smart platform solutions that deliverconfidence to the military, paramilitary, homeland security, police, and special forces in challengingsituations. Smart functionality, Smart design and Smart technologies are the foundations on whichall our solutions are designed, developed and manufactured to ensure nothing but the best isdelivered to the heroes.

We strive to empower heroes who stand in the line of duty to ensure our safety and security. Ouroperations are based in India and Germany. We have provided protection to over 3 million soldiersand 3000+ platforms across 230 forces till date.

Our products are tested and certified by leading labs and agencies in the world including theNational Institute of Justice (NIJ), USA. Our facilities are AS-9100-2009 and ISO 9001-2008certified in addition to the much coveted & stringent BA 9000 certification. We follow the NATOAQAP quality standards and are also registered with the International Aerospace Quality Group(IAQG). Our R&D House is recognized by the Govt. of India and aggressively invest 10% of ourannual turnover into research and development activities. We also hold more than 10 patents inIndia & abroad.