April 5, 2023  /  9:18 AM

Fireco is a global leader in the manufacture of telescopic masts made of anodised aluminium tubes and equipped with electromechanical and/or pneumatic driving systems. These masts will allow you to lift equipment such as antennas, radars, video cameras, floodlights and many other devices to heights of up to 40 m from the ground.

Today, Fireco offers the largest and most diversified product portfolio on the market. In addition to the great variety of catalogue solutions, customised options which are tailor made according to individual applicational requirements, are also developed on an almost daily basis. Therefore, Fireco masts will perfectly suit virtually every application in various sectors such as military, surveillance and security, communications, firefighting and disaster response and many others.

The brand Fireco stands for highest quality standards, great reliability and long experience paired with an outstanding versatility and dedication to innovative design.

Exhibits on the stand

On the stand Fireco will display some of the latest cutting-edge product solutions, among those an electromechanical Mecmast with the so-called Compact design and a pneumatic mast with automatic section lockings. The Mecmast Compact comes without collar rings between the single sections, all tubes can thus be fully retracted and the mast will be extremely compact in the folded state. This series is an answer to the growing demand for robust and precise mast systems with particularly small dimensions to be installed on innovative military vehicles such as UGVs. The auto-locking pneumatic mast relieves the operator from the duty to manually unlock/lock each section and therefore gives the possibility to work from a safe distance. Both masts, the Mecmast Compact as well as the auto-locking pneumatic mast, are available with huge base diameters of up to 340 mm and are the perfect choice for applications in which important loads will have to be lifted and carried at a certain height.