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October 2, 2023  /  2:45 PM

Established in 1966 by Paul Rippert in Germany, the family company’s business is the planning, production and installation of state-of-the-art plant equipment for the following fields:

  • Pretreatment, painting, powder coating and drying of metal, plastic and wood products
  • Automation (handling systems)
  • Air pollution control and environmental technology
  • Industrial fans
  • Digital solutions for paint shops

With around 350 employees, RIPPERT develops environmentally-friendly and energy-saving plants for its customers’ production processes in nearly all industries at home and abroad. Constant innovations, consistent customer orientation and a comprehensive range of services, from planning to installation and maintenance, have gained the company a leading position in the market.
Highly-qualified employees in all divisions of the company as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing and logistics facilities, from computer-aided design to fully-automated CNC sheet metal working centres, are the guarantors for a further positive development.
RIPPERT offers digital solutions not only by providing services ranging from the conceptual design & planning of new paint shops to optimising existing ones. As a true all-rounder, our RIPPERT-MES software provides something to everyone.
MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System. VDI guideline 5600 defines data collection, information as well as order, material, resource and quality management including detailed planning and control as the key functional areas of such a system.