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Digital Factory 2.0 at MSV 2024

February 19, 2024  /  8:45 AM

Learn about the latest services and products in digital business transformation


  • The main theme of the project is intelligent digitalization and the second transformation of the Czech economy
  • The aim of Digital Factory 2.0 is to bring closer the technologies enabling transformation not only of the industrial environment but also of the whole economy
  • The aim is to help formulate a vision for changing the Czech economy so that it can be successful in the 21st century and in a changing geopolitical context
Digital Factory 2.0 focuses on:
  • deep digital transformation of manufacturing companies, where the differentiating factor is the increase in efficiency when deploying artificial intelligence in key processes
  • the state of the Czech economy in terms of readiness and implementation of the deployment of artificial intelligence in production processes
  • demonstration of prototypes of smart autonomous machines and their links to the corporate environment
  • the use of blockchain in industry
These approaches should deliver efficiency gains of up to 30% across the business.
Parts of the Digital Factory 2.0 at MSV 2024
Exposition of transformation technologies

Spatially connected and thematically structured exhibition.

Digital stage

A space adjacent to the Exposition of transformation technologies, in which exhibitors present their solutions live - ideally in the form of case studies. Activities on the digital staging area will be moderated and streamed online. The outputs will be compiled into an archive that is accessible after the event. 


Digital Factory 2.0 will also include a second stage for follow-up discussions on individual topics.