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Healthy pallet strapping – making the securing of loading units ergonomic, easy and efficient

September 18, 2023  /  10:10 AM

These days, almost 50% of employees are suffering from back pain, which could be caused by frequent bending at the workplace. You have to take a bending position, especially by strapping pallets.

With our ErgoPack mobile ergonomic strapping systems, different-sized pallets can be strapped in a upright position, without bending and without walking around the pallet. This is made possible by the ChainLance, which pulls the strap through under the pallet and up again on the rear side and over the pallet right into the hand of the operator.

This makes our pallet strapping system particularly gentle on the back and can therefore also be comfortable operated by people with back problems.

Using the ErgoPack system is not only a safer, but also a more sustainable way than using foils for wrapping. Less material is required to wrap and secure your goods.