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October 2, 2023  /  7:47 AM

CED Central European Economic Development Network Nonprofit Ltd., as a member institution of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for Hungary's export promotion and the implementation of the country’s economic development efforts in Central Europe.

Thanks to our 23 foreign offices in the neighbouring countries and in Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and our Hungarian presence across several county seats, we have been able to accurately explore both demand and supply. Through the harmonization of our extended network we aim to facilitate the successful entry of Hungarian enterprises into foreign markets, subsequently increasing Hungary’s export volume and enhancing the region’s economic competitiveness.
We have developed our extensive service portfolio, that covers all segments of commercial processes, in close compliance with the needs of Hungarian enterprises and international trends. All this ensures that all of our partners, regardless of their size and export experience, can use our toolkit the most effectively, which includes targeted partner search and mediation, monitoring specific export opportunities, participation in regional trade fairs with discounts and ensuring company representation.

BOSKO-Hidraulika Kft.

Our activity started in 1990 – László Boskó, as an individual entrepreneur started to apply the Mobile Galvanic Technology that was unrivalled in Hungary that time.
In 1995 our activity was expanded to include hard chromium plating. In this year we purchased a new plant and the number of staff reached 10 persons.
By 1999 our scope of activity was expanded to include renewal and manufacturing of hydraulic working cylinders, a new manufacturing hall was purchased and our number of our employees exceeded 40 persons.
In 2003, when Hungary joined the European Community, our export activity increased at a high rate and we built a new machining hall. In 2007, our export to the EU represented 70 % of our total production and the number of our staff exceeded 60 persons.
In 2009 the wave of economic crisis reached our firm as well, our order pool was restructured; as a result of this, our company was reorganized.
From 2010 we have been pursuing our activity under the name: BOSKO-HIDRAULIKA KFT.

Dendrit Mentor Kft.


  • CNC Turning
  • Prototype and small series production
  • Engineering services
  • Purpose built machine production
Moltech AH Kft.

Moltech produced conveyor belts, v-belts and rollers can serve several industries, several technologies, all the companies around the world. We offer different profiles, cleats, corrugated edge, for our conveyor belts. Our StarkLine® v-belts can serve not just power transmission purposes. We also produce belts for special purposes as edge banding and cable pulling. We are a manufacturer of various kinds of rollers for moving goods, conveyor belts, pallets.
Moltech is specialized in offering industrial solutions in machine belt type power-transmission and conveying processes. Our factory workshop produces v-belts, conveyer belts and conveyor rollers for industrial dealers and end-users across Europe, MiddleEast, etc. All products are tailored to machines, to factories and/or to their representative technical service dealers. Moltech has been engaged in designing and producing fully tailored conveyor installations for a large variety of factories.

PMT Machine Trading and Servicing Plc.

PMT Machine Trading and Servicing Plc. has more, than 20 years’ experience in the Hungarian sheet-metal industry. Our company deals with the trade of sheet metal, pipe & profile processing and forming machines, the delivery of tools and spare parts, sale of CAD/CAM software packages and after sale service. Our new area is the automation of sheet metal processing, primarily with robotic solution. Our main product in this area is a completely self-developed robotic press brake cell which performs the handling of the parts and the changing of the press brake tools automatically as well.

Szenzortechnika Kft.

Szenzortechnika has a wide product range for detection of various gases and vapours. We have extensive experience of systems for cost effective and safe gas detection. We aim to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for applications where gas detection is essential. Szenzortechnika combines high and specific skills about applications with professional service and training. An early detection of a gas leakage is essential for safety, economy and especially the environment. The installed SENS-EX type gas detectors and gas detection systems are designed to detect explosive or toxic gases, vapours, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and other gases in the air. They can measure gas concentration, indicate gas danger, and control electric equipment (e.g., ventilation, signalling devices…) by relay contacts, to prevent a possible accidents and catastrophe situations. Detectors can be used both as a transmitter with a compatible control panel or as a stand-alone gas detector. Our gas detectors and systems are used lot of different places to protect residential, commercial, and industrial properties from the gas danger. The explosion proof type (x) detectors are flameproof designed to use in ZONE 1 or 2 potentially explosive environments, where the risk of explosion is due to the presence of gases, vapours, and mists. We believe you can protect your workforce and facilities from the dangers of gas easily. Detecting different gases in alternative situations can raise many challenges, it is our job to know and understand those challenges and ensure you get an efficient and effective system that protects you and your working environment. From industrial manufacturing, food processing, brewing, and utilities to underground car parks, we understand the potential gas hazards you are facing.



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