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Regular registration date until May, 31, 2024, entails a discount

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On-line Application

Application for Participation

For the participating in the fair, please download the application forms and participation details in PDF format.

Application for Participation

Price Terms for Exhibitors

Types of participation
by 31. 3. 2024
from 1. 4. 2024

Stand 2 x 2 m – variant A
(incl. power supply up to 2 kW)

9 900 CZK   13 000 CZK 

Stand 3 x 2 m – variant B
(incl. power supply up to 2 kW)

13 700 CZK 17 600 CZK 
Desk Octanorm – 1 x 1 m
(inlc. power supply up to 2 kW and light)
2 900 CZK    3 550 CZK 
Desk Octanorm – 1 x 1 m
(without lighting and power supply)
1 690 CZK   2 100 CZK 
1 sq. m of exhibition area990 CZK   1 210 CZK 
Table – 140 x 100 cm
(without power supply) 
2 050 CZK 2 700 CZK 
Table – 120 x 60 cm
(power supplywithout )
1 320 CZK 1 650 CZK 
Table – 80 x 80 cm
(without power supply)
1 210 CZK 1 540 CZK 
(extra order) 
220 CZK 280 CZK 
Power supply up to 2 kW850 CZK 1 150 CZK 
Car entry pass to the premises200 CZK 250 CZK 

Product Categories

SUBJECT-FIELD CLASSIFICATION and new terms and conditions of participation at the MINERALS BRNO exhibition

To ensure continuous improvement of the international sales exhibition MINERALS BRNO and to enhance the prestige and quality of the range of products on offer, we have decided to define the categories of exhibited goods from the 29th fair edition onwards (November 2013). Starting this edition of MINERALS BRNO, only the range of products listed in the Product Categories will be allowed to be showcased as per the defined exhibition specifications.

  • MINERALS BRNO - Product Categories
    PDF87.62 KB
    • natural minerals
    • crystals produced in laboratories if duly marked so, including a warning about their high solubility in water
    • additionally coloured minerals, reconstructed stones (additionally coloured chalcedonies, agates etc.)   
    • rough precious stones (raw material to be ground)   
    • processed precious stones (tumbled)
    • precious stones processed with plane cuts, faceted or in other shapes (balls, pyramids, eggs, animals)
    • synthetic processed precious stones and other additionally treated  precious stones  accepted by gemmological practices (e.g. radioactively radiated stones, thermally treated stones, oiled stones, doublet, triplets, etc.)          
    • jewels and fashion jewellery made of minerals and precious stones
    • jewels made of additionally coloured minerals or reconstructed stones (additionally coloured chalcedonies, agates etc.)      
    • jewels made of synthetic stones
    • metal fashion jewellery, metal fashion jewellery with beads
    • glass fashion jewellery  
    • shells, conches
    • sea and freshwater shells
    • other sea species  
    • modern shark teeth
    • recent incest  
    • mother-of-pearl, coral
    • fossilised vertebrates
    • fossilised invertebrates
    • insect in amber 
    • fossilised plants, fossilised wood 
    • non-fossilised remnants and imprints of other than recent organisms
    • traces of the activities of other than recent organisms (bioglyphs) or their imprints
    • fossilized organisms other than recent organisms that have become fossilised
    • hard parts of organisms: teeth, bones, egg shells, carapaces, etc.
    • remnants of prehistoric trilobites, dinosaurs and mammoths
    • healing stones
    • orgonites
    • chakra stones and jewels 
    • chakra objects with minerals or precious stones content
    • products made of minerals and precious stones (paperweights, clocks, inkstands, statuettes, bowls, vases etc.), salt lamps, lamps made of precious stones, pictures and mosaics made of precious stones
    • products made of wire with precious stones or beads
    • jewel metal pieces, components for jewel making
    • geological hammers, compasses, gemmological instruments, microscopes, abrasive materials, stone saws
    • specialist literature    
    • packaging and display materials for collectors and jewel makers               
    • miner’s items (pit lamps, postcards, maps, statuettes with mining motifs etc.) 

Forbidden Exhibits

  • MINERALS BRNO - Forbidden Exhibits
    PDF76.75 KB
    • products made of wood, wool, plastics, leather and other materials falling beyond the categories of minerals and jewels
    • processed and polished pieces of wood, hunter’s trophies   
    • glass products and home accessories not containing precious or synthetic stones
    • painted stones
    • toys, textile and clothing, ethnical items, printed matter, coins, ceramics, porcelain, cosmetics not related to the focus of the MINERALS BRNO exhibition
    • esoteric, chakra and feng shui object of non-mineral nature (with no mineral or precious stone content)
    • pictures and healing pictures with no precious stone content

    If an exhibitor displays goods listed under the category of Non-permitted Exhibits, then he will be requested to remove the relevant goods from the exhibition space. Repeated breach of this rule will result in the withdrawal of the allocated exhibition space by the organiser without any financial compensation.

    If any of the goods presented by the exhibitor at the opening of the exhibition fail to comply with subject-field classification, the organiser of the exhibition will be entitled to exclude such an exhibitor without any financial compensation.

    • faked, glued, plastic and otherwise modified stones, assembled stones, plastic compositions and other forgeries
    • stones and objects containing poisons and other substance harmful  to human health and the environment
    • tortoise-shell, ivory, and other objects subject to endangered species protection
    • prehistoric stone tools 

    If an exhibitor displays goods listed under the category of Forbidden Exhibits, then he will be immediately removed from the exhibition space without any financial compensation.

    In particularly serious cases, the exhibitor may be permanently disallowed to attend all exhibitions and fairs organised by BVV Trade Fairs Brno.

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