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We invite you to the European Dog Show, which will be held from 10 to 13 April 2025
at the Brno Exhibition Centre. The event will welcome thousands of dogs from all over Europe to compete in a wide range of categories for valuable titles.

Visitors are invited to enjoy an exciting programme and sales zone, where you will find
a range of dog products, food, breeding supplies and much more.

Full Name:

International Dog Show


10.–13. 4. 2025


Brno Exhibition Centre


the Czech-Moravian Cynological Union Prague


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Product Categories

  • Products Groups
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    1Gear for dog keepers
    1.1Feed and mineral supplements for dogs
    1.2Veterinary preparations for dogs
    1.3Keeper’s gear for dogs
    1.4Cosmetic preparations for dogs
    1.5Cynologic sports and training tools for dogs
    1.6Dog parlours, hotels, boarding houses, pounds, vacation with a dog
    1.7Special training of dogs
    1.99Other gear for dog keepers
    10Literature, magazines and media on animals
    10.1Literature, magazines and media on dogs
    10.2Literature, magazines and media on horses
    10.99Other literature, magazines and media on animals
    11Organizations and institutions
    11.1Import, export of animals
    11.2Breeders’ associations, clubs, breeding stations and facilities
    11.3State organizations and institutions
    11.4Unions, corporations and associations
    11.5Counselling for keepers
    11.99Other organizations and institutions
    12Equipment for keepers’ gear shops and pet shops
    13Giftware, other services and insurance

Information for dog owners and contacts

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