Šijeme hravě: workshops with a smart ruler, patterns and instructions for sewing, clothes and barefoot shoes

April 17, 2024  /  7:19 AM

We pass on years of experience from the world of tailoring to anyone who enjoys sewing and wants to push themselves further. We offer patterns and tutorials for sewing, clothing and barefoot shoes. We offer clothing patterns in four height groups in electronic and paper formats for beginners and advanced.

Our unbeatable product is the Smart Ruler, which allows you to create pattern constructions without knowing patterns or counting. Included in this kit are many tutorial videos not only on pattern construction, but also on creating patterns and constructing accessories such as collars, hoods, etc.

As part of the Brno Patchwork Meeting 2024 exhibition, there will be workshops with a smart ruler at the Sew Playfully stand. Everything is free, you do not have to register anywhere, just come at the given time.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Mote at www.sijemehrave.cz and www.chytrepravitko.cz