SAQA collection Minimalism: Order. Simplicity. Harmony.

April 6, 2024  /  9:55 AM

SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt, “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references that form of stitch layered structure”. SAQA is dedicated to bringing beautiful, thought-provoking, cutting-edge, artwork to venues across the globe.

With access to a museum-quality exhibition program, SAQA members challenge the boundaries of art and change perceptions about contemporary fiber art. These exhibitions not only give artists the opportunity to show their work, but also expose the public to the variety and complexity of the art quilt medium.

Title: Minimalism

Order. Simplicity. Harmony.

Minimalism is line, shape, form, and color combined to simply highlight the very essence of the medium and materials used to create art. Erasing the distinctions between mediums to call attention to the artwork itself, without expectation of emotion or deep meaning.

In the words of Frank Stella, “What you see is what you see.”

A pure form of beauty.