Oldwomen: hand-woven home and clothing accessories - not a piece of fabric to waste!

April 12, 2024  /  2:35 PM

I am concerned about the effects of fast fashion and the overproduction of textiles in general. I am trying, with the proverbial drop in the ocean, to reduce the amount of textile waste going to landfill and incinerators. With the motto: "Don't throw your shirt in the wheelie bin, throw it on the floor!" I started to process worn textiles and waste from knitting and weaving mills into dense, but washable, carpets, rugs, seat cushions.


Covid's "vacation" freed up my hands and head and gave me time to shift my craft away from weaving linen. I began weaving wool yarns into shawls inspired by the illuminations of the early Middle Ages.

At the Patchwork meeting I will present mainly rugs and rugs, as we have a common theme with the historical concept of patchwork - not a piece of fabric to waste!, I will also present full wool rugs or throws over furnishings woven from hand spun and untreated sheep fleece yarn.

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