Hana Celnarová: original dresses, but also trousers or overalls for each of us

April 17, 2024  /  12:42 PM

Atelier of Hana Celnarova sews dresses of all cuts and sizes to meet the needs of each of you.


A collection of African brocade formal dresses from the studio of Hana Celnarova. In cooperation with the Czech textile company Veba, we presented a collection of formal dresses called Origami for the first time at the Styl a Kabo fair.

Origami - the Japanese art of folding paper into various motifs. The attentive viewer will find a piece of this puzzle in every model. The properties and character of African brocade directly demanded an unusual and playful treatment. The result is a unique collection that highlights the fascinating lustre and vibrant colours of the material.


Dresses made of original blueprint and hand-painted silk will satisfy the most demanding customers.


A collection for everyday wear

For those of you who are not going to a social event and wish to wear this luxurious material, there is a collection of dresses, trousers and jumpsuits for everyday wear and casual occasions that can be accessorised with origami flowers.