Gallerist Irena Zemanová

March 6, 2024  /  12:05 PM

Textile Art and creation is her favourite subject for more than 25 years, recently her creative activity are more focused on quilts and textile collage.

She likes using art textile techniques, monoprint and lamination, works are completed by paper, wire and non-textile materials. Currently she mainly focuses on recycling and upcycling of materials. She is a member of the Art Quilt Harbour group.

She has been exhibiting textile works since 2009, regularly at the Prague Patchwork meeting and occasionally as part of the Festival of Quilts Birmingham, European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie Aux Mines, Nadelwelt Karlsruhe, TexpoArt Iasi, Romania or the Multifunctional Center of the city of Hlinsko.

About the collection

The "My Wabi Sabi" collection is the fifth author's collection by Irena Zemanová. Art quilts and objects made of textile and non-textile materials will be exhibited, which, in addition to well-known art techniques, were also created by combining textiles with concrete or plastic, upcycling and recycling materials. The inspiration for the author was the concept of Japanese aesthetics wabi sabi, which is aimed at accepting beauty in its imperfection and transience. The works from the "My Wabi Sabi" collection are focused on the theme of sustainability and textile production, and their message will be captured in the author's haiku.



15. Prague Patchwork Meeting Brno
Czech center New York

14. Prague Patchwork Meeting Brno

13. Prague Patchwork Meeting (solo exhibition)
Nadelwelt Karlsruhe (solo exhibition)
European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie Aux Mines
Nadelwelt – Fridrichshafen

Multifunctional center Hlinsko
12. Prague Patchwork Meeting

TexpoArt Iasi, Rumunsko
Multifunctional center Hlinsko
11. Prague Patchwork Meeting

Nadelwelt – Karlsruhe
Multifunctional center Hlinsko
10. Prague Patchwork Meeting
Art Textile Prague

Festival of Quilts Birmingham
Multifunctional center Hlinsko
9. Prague Patchwork Meeting

K – Trio, Ostrava
TexpoArt Iasi, Rumunsko
For Decor Praha – Letňan
Festival of Quilts Birmingham
Nadelwelt Karlsruhe
Benešov u Semil, Fulnek
Multifunctional center Hlinsko (solo exhibition)
8. Prague Patchwork Meeting (solo exhibition)

For Decor Letňany
Festival of Quilts Birmingham
Benešov u Semil, Fulnek
Multifunctional center Hlinsko
7. Prague Patchwork Meeting

For Decor Letňany
European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie Aux Mines
Festival of Quilts Birmingham
6. Prague Patchwork Meeting (solo exhibition)

Textile Art Prague
TexpoArt Iasi, Rumunsko
Festival of Quilts Birmingham
5. Prague Patchwork Meeting

4. Prague Patchwork Meeting

3. Prague Patchwork Meeting